New Jerusalem Applied

The New Jerusalem, the central vision is,
Of God’s economy and for experience;
The high peak truth: God became man
To make man God, thus God express.
The New Jerusalem, the corp’rate God-man is
God’s increase and expression, yet,
    not Godhead, His.
Divinity is blended with
Humanity, one entity.
The New Jerusalem, the Shulamite, His bride,
His duplication, counterpart, stands by His side;
Christ’s lovers gained, rejoice in Him,
The wedding feast may now begin.
The New Jerusalem, the golden lampstand is,
The aggregate of all the lampstands,
    Shining ’tis.
The Lamb-Lamp-Light, expression of
God’s glory for eternity.
The New Jerusalem portrays the Trinity,
The Father, Son, and Spirit in eternity;
Of God and man, the consummate,
Of all the signs, the ultimate.
The New Jerusalem, 12 gates, gates 3 x 4,
Reveal to man the Triune God became the door;
All may go in; those chosen and
Redeemed, transformed and glorified.
The New Jerusalem show God is ent’rable,
Man enters into God, O how unfathomable!
To enter in: enjoy God’s love,
Christ’s grace, and Spirit’s fellowship.
The New Jerusalem, a constituting work,
Not just to edify but unto building up;
The Triune God is gold and pearls
And precious stones built into man.
The New Jerusalem exists on earth today,
One Body and one Spirit in one Lord and faith;
One God and Father, over all,
Through all and Who exists in all.
The New Jerusalem, a triune living, shows,
Proceeding from the throne the living river flows;
The Spirit with our spirit mingled,
God in man and man in God.
The New Jerusalem, triune enjoyment, brings;
To man divine light shines and living water springs;
The tree of life! How beautiful,
Enjoyable, and wonderful!
The New Jerusalem, expression full and great,
The riches of the Triune God, will consummate;
Creating God, redeeming God,
And flowing God is now our all!

2016 ITERO, Gold Coast, Msg 9 and God’s NT Economy, 39-44


Arlington, TX, United States

Hallelujah! The New Jerusalem, the corporate God-man, His bride, expresses God for eternity! The New Jerusalem shows the Triune God is the door, He is enterable! The New Jerusalem is on earth today! The Spirit mingled with our spirit! We can today enjoy the beautiful and wonderful tree of life! Praise the Lord!