The Two Altars

The altar of burnt offering
In God’s economy,
Is Christ, the bronzed acacia wood,
Judged in humanity.
The altar of burnt offering
The cross of Christ displays,
One person—Christ; one way—the cross—
Encompass all God’s ways.
The altar of burnt offering’s
Where precious blood was shed;
The blood of Jesus is our plea
As forward we are led.
The altar of burnt offering
Is meeting God’s demand,
God’s righteousness and holiness
Are our eternal stand.
Come forward to the Holiest;
With God, in oneness, pray;
The precious blood’s applied again,
God’s economic way.
Anointing oil applied upon
Both altars clearly shows:
The move of God’s eternal grace
Between two altars flows.
The fire from heaven, which came down
To burn the offered Son,
Becomes the fire to incense burn,
As fragrance to God’s throne;
The sweetness we experience
Through Christ’s inclusive death,
Is sweetness unto God through our
Ascending, praying breath.

New Jersey

Lord, thank You that we can in oneness pray, to apply your blood in such an economic way!