Lord, in that coming day

Lord, in that coming day
When all will bow the knee,
’Twill be a commonplace display
To waste one’s all on Thee.
For Thee, Lord, on that day
Ten thousand hearts would break,
And if there were ten thousand worlds,
These all, men would forsake.
But now, while yet ’tis rare,
My being won’t delay;
Inspired by Thy love, could I,
Thy noble tribute stay?
My all I gladly give
In love’s response to Thee,
For how can I withhold my all
When Thou gav’st all for me?
Time’s window soon shall close;
Now, while ’tis open still,
This golden moment I’d redeem,
Thy house with fragrance fill.
The moments fly apace;
Lord, Thou art coming soon!
Can I delay, and fail to grasp
This moment opportune?
While there is still today
(Beyond, no guarantee),
Seizing this opportunity,
I waste myself on Thee.
That woman’s noble deed
Was for Thy going wrought;
In view of Thy return, I too
Would offer as I ought.
Two resurrections tell
The foolish from the wise;
Some would “beforehand” pay the price
And lukewarmness despise.
I dare not passive be
But fully consecrate
“Beforehand”, lest I miss my chance,
And risk arriving late.
There is but one regret
Both hell and heaven hold—
The loss of opportunity
Eternity unfolds.
Performing love’s sweet task,
While time doth still permit,
I break mine alabaster flask
And Thine own love requit.
May this be, in that day
When I Thy coming hail
(E’en if I sleep and wait for Thee),
Our love’s memorial.