Lord, keep my heart always true to You

Lord, keep my heart always true to You,
Never backsliding, always viewing You,
A heart that is pure that sees only You,
A heart that loves You and treasures only You.
  Your love constrains me to give my all to You.
Lord, I can’t help it; my heart is drawn to You.
Oh what a privilege! I give myself to You!
I love You, Lord, dearest Lord.
I love You! I just love You!
Lord, keep my love burning brightly for You,
A love never dwindling always hot for You,
A love, shining brighter all the way for You,
A love, so fresh like the day I first touched You.
Lord, take my life, I present it to You!
If I had a thousand, I’d pour all on You!
Nothing withholding, my all is for You.
My life and my future, dear Lord, is all for You.

Guiguinto, Bulacan, Philippines

Thank You O God for everything!


Eugene, Oregon, United States

A love, shining brighter all the way for You, A love so fresh like the day I first touched You.

Oh Lord touch us more today!!

Samuel Ofori

Tournai, Hainaut, Belgium

Lord, take my life, I present it to You!

If I had a thousand, I’d pour all on You!

Yes Lord Jesus, I love You today more than yesterday. Oh that You may daily grow Thy love more and more in us.

Benjamin Chee

Lexington, Kentucky, United States

Lord, we love You because You loved us first. We respond to Your intense, fresh, constraining love.

Collected Works of Watchman Nee

The working of the Holy Spirit is the beginning of man's rebirth. In the original text, "moving" has the meaning of "overshadowing," "brooding." This indicates love and tenderness. This same word is used as "hovers" in Deuteronomy 32:11: "As the eagle rouses his nest, / Hovers over his young, / Spreads his wings, takes them, / And bears them up upon his pinions." Oh, may we respond more to the love of God! How His heart desires us! But who is "us"? We are just sinners, fallen humanity! He is not angry with us, nor does He look lightly upon us or reject us. He does not consider that even though we are without form and void and darkness, that we are unworthy of His Holy Spirit's brooding. Although He has "purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity" (Hab. 1:13), He humbled Himself to rescue those who were in the midst of dust and dung. O God! "What is man, that You remember him / And the son of man, that You visit him?" (Psa. 8:4). We really do not comprehend why God so loves sinners such as us. I especially do not comprehend why God loves me. Indeed, it is "not that we have loved God but that He loved us" (1 John 4:10). O God! How wonderful is Your grace! How true it is that Your "delights were with the sons of men" (Prov. 8:31)


Milwaukee, WI, United States

Lord I love You. Oh what a privilege to give myself to You. Praise You Lord Jesus!


I love you Lord dearest Lord I just love you! AMEN!

Khant Hsein Hei

Yangon, Myanmar

Lord Keep my heart until your coming again, Amen.

I so love you Lord.

Loving You is sweetest in the universe and human life, in my life too. Lord.

Oh Lord......

How much it sweet to call You .

Keep my heart be true to you always.

Never backsliding and alway viewing You.

Lift my eyes be upon You always.


Linda Yip Soon Liang

Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Praise The Lord, l love you, Lord. Keep my heart always true to you. Never backsliding and always viewing you. Amen. Thanks for sharing the hymns.

Anshul Lal

Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India

Lord my life my future, dear Lord is all for you

Oh Lord thank you you redeem us from world . Oh what a privlage! I give my self to you