Lord, keep my heart always true to You

Lord, keep my heart always true to You,
Never backsliding, always viewing You,
A heart that is pure that sees only You,
A heart that loves You and treasures only You.
  Your love constrains me to give my all to You.
Lord, I can’t help it; my heart is drawn to You.
Oh what a privilege! I give myself to You!
I love You, Lord, dearest Lord.
I love You! I just love You!
Lord, keep my love burning brightly for You,
A love never dwindling always hot for You,
A love, shining brighter all the way for You,
A love, so fresh like the day I first touched You.
Lord, take my life, I present it to You!
If I had a thousand, I’d pour all on You!
Nothing withholding, my all is for You.
My life and my future, dear Lord, is all for You.

Tirane, Albania

I love You! I just love You!

Tim Ou

Austin, Texas, United States

Lord Jesus, keep my heart always true to You.

William Jeng

Irvine, CA, United States

Learn to let Him love you.

Wow. Growing up in the young people's meeting I've heard of "giving myself to the Lord" countless times, but I've hardly ever realized what it truly meant. Giving myself to love the Lord means to give myself to LET HIM love me. So many times I try to love the Lord without letting His love me first. The matter of loving God actually begins with His love for us first, it was never initiated out from us. From the get-go, Christ has always been the first one to love us with the first & best love. We need to let Him love us first! Give Him preeminence in our being each morning, by simply going & staying under His presence for the day-by-day sure supply.

He is a living person. The most pressing need for this generation of young people is this - Learn to let Him love you. Learn to just go to Him & remain in our spirit!

Jennifer Walton

Pikeville, North Carolina, United States

Your love Lord is overwhelming.

There are no riches that can compare.

Your friendship to me is abounding.

You made me, take this broken-frame.

My heart is safe in Your hands.

The love You have for me is unshakeable. Thank You.

Lord, You created me to know You.

I trust You with my heart.

Take this broken-frame and complete Your work in me.

I give my life over to You. Your love for me, unshakable.

Create in me a clean heart.

William Jeng

Irvine, CA, United States

Lord, I just love You. I still love You. I always forget my consecrations, but You cannot forget Lord. Thank You for being a faithful God.

Bro Kwasi Emeh

Tema, Greater Accra, Ghana

Lord keep my heart always true to You. This is my prayer.

Chris Appicelli

Denton, TX, United States

Nothing witholding, my all is for You. Amen, Lord may it be so. I am very much struggling with my work and how to go on. Out of college I only desired to serve the Lord full time. There was fellowship from all directions that I should work. The environment also pointed that direction. At the time I definitely believed I had no desire for riches, career, security, etc. Now, 4 years later, it seems these things have crept in. It is a joy to be simple and sing and pray this song.


Cerritos, CA, United States

Praise You Lord for Your constraining love! Lord keep replenishing our love for You so that we would always remember our first Love!



I had someone that I loved so much.

When I lost that one, I felt like I lost everything. I even blamed the Lord. But now I know that He is the real love. He came to me even though I was far far away from Him. He came back all the way to find me. Sometimes I feel sad and miss that one, but He who never hurts comes to comfort me.

He is the one who loves us truly.

Lord, I love You. Lord! Keep my heart always true to You!

Ude kings

Okpodi, Ebonyi State, Nigeria

Am in love friends... not the type the world gives but the everlasting love of Christ Jesus. I wish to love You Lord, Take my Heart, Soul and Body.. it all belongs to You. One thing I ask of You Lord..."Teach me to love You that I may live my life loving You and die loving You." I LOVE YOU LORD.