Take me Lord, and fill me with Your dear Self

  Take me Lord, and fill me with Your dear Self,
Till my whole being is one with You.
Lord, I’m willing to open to You
Every moment in my life;
Fully trusting You, to live Your dream
For Your rest and expression.
  Beside You I have no one
In heaven or on the earth.
To You, dear Lord, I give my all.
I will not let You go.
Make Your desire my heart’s desire
For our goal, the New Jerusalem.
Glory Jung

Anaheim, CA, United States

Living Your dream....wow wow wow. LORD Your dream.

William Jeng

Irvine, CA, United States

Lord, Give me the willingness to open to You. I want to be open to You every moment of my life.

Par Dono

Malang, Indonesia

Every time take me Lord.

Par Dono

Malang, Indonesia

Take me Lord, I love You, amen.

Angela Oliva

Irvine, CA, United States

I love you dear Lord! Keep us continually in Your presence to make Your desire my heart’s desire

For our goal, the New Jerusalem!


San Jose, California

It is hard sometimes to have a trusting heart for the Lord when it seems like our surrounding is unpromising, the future is just like a piece of puzzle....never know what and where it is going to be, when people arounds us are not doing so well, I just want to cry out," oooo Lord... why?" But I know deep down inside my heart, the Lord is a living Lord. He knows what is He after. Despite of all things, his love will continuously constraining us and His mercy and grace will be us. And this hymn reminds me to fully trust in Him in all things despite of all things. Lord gains my trust in You. Amen...

Sehoon Kim

Seoul, South Korea

Take me Lord. I love You. I trust You.


Cagayan De Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines

It's easy to say that beside You Lord I have no one in heaven but it's hard to say that beside You Lord I have no one on the "earth". Lord, by Your grace and mercy, oh, fill me with Your self more. Lord cause me to be willing to let You come in and do Your working within me. Apart from You Lord I can do nothing. I can't trust myself that's why I need You most. May Your desire be also my desire Lord.

Chun Wang

Dallas, Texas, United States

Lord, make Your desire my heart's desire, wreck all my dreams, and let me live only for Your dream!

Igor Savinkin

Riga, Latvia

I realize how important for me to be taken away from my self and be filled with this precious Person. In a sense I'm tired of my self-protection, cause of lack of openness and trust to Him. "Lord, You produce in me both willing and working to open to You, not to protect my poor self". How sweet, stable and secure is to be one with Him. It's there where we take part in living out and working out of His desire.

"Take me Lord", "fill me with Your dear Self"