Lord, You revealed Yourself to me

  Lord, You revealed Yourself to me,
You showed me Your purpose,
To have the church as Your body
So You can mingle all that You are.
Though I am blinded by self and flesh
But You, dear Lord, have chosen me
As a vessel to contain You
And express You ’til You come back.
Forgive me, Lord I’m open to You.
Fill me more and more each day.
Build me with the saints in love
And keep us running toward the prize.
Lord keep me growing and functioning.
Don’t ever let me out of Your sight.
Grant me a spirit of boldness.
Open my mouth, Lord, to prophesy.
Chiayuo Paulinus

Yaounde, Cameroon

Lord, You are so wonderful to me. Show me Yourself in Your deeds. I need You in my life and forgive me for all the iniquities that I have committed. I will always praise Your name forever. AMEN.


Akron, OH, United States

Praise God!

Rosita Enriquez

Anaheim, CA, United States

Lord keep growing Yourself in me, in all the saints!