Jesus Lord, I love You

  Jesus Lord, I love You.
Nothing more do I want.
Nothing in this whole world
Satisfies as You do, Lord.
Though I wander away,
Still Your love seeks after me,
Reaching me; I’m subdued
And I turn back to You.
Marilyn V. Lumicday

Cebu, Ronda Cebu, Philippines

Dearest Precious Lord of mine;

Dearest Lord Jesus my joy, my love, my treasure and my strength.

Lord, there is no such thing as precious as loving You even more above all things. Lord, loving You more everyday is more than enough beyond Lord what I do not have. Lord, I have nothing and even I am nothing but Lord, one day You came to me to draw me near closer and closer to You. Lord, my love closer and closer we are to be. Sweeter and sweeter dear Lord more and more each day. Dearest Lord, my precious Lord, I love You today. I love You everyday. I love You my dearest Lord more and more each day!


Tbilisi, Georgia

Nothing in this whole world

Satisfies as You do, Lord.💕❤️

A sister in the Body of Christ

Greater Accra, Ghana

"though I wander away still Your love seeks after me"

Jesus Lord I love You. Is there any beside our God, no there is none, absolutely none like our God. Situations may make us feel we want so many things but in the end we still realise we want nothing beside our God. He is life to our soul by becoming life in our spirit. without Him we are in death, corruption and degradation but in Him we have abundant life joy and peace Himself as our enjoyment and completion. Our God is our need. Nothing in this whole world satisfies as You do Lord. Amen.

Nickel Jean Lagare

Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

He drawn my heart again and I just know one thing: I LOVE HIM.


Graeter Accra, Ghana

There is nothing real in any part of this universe, all is not trustworthy. Everything, everyone, all things are not trustworthy, only disappointing. But my Lord alone is a constant Person in all our situations. Life is painful, full of painful sufferings one after the other. Only God is constant and always abiding. Even when we fail and let Him down over and over He still is constant, never changing, always abiding, full of love toward us. Lord I'm amazed by Your love, I am enthralled by Your love and I am clear a little bit of life's disappointing ways. Without You Lord everything and everyone seeks their own but You O Lord, You seek me, I am Your own Lord Jesus. Help me, O Lord to trust You, to not go astray again, to grow into Your likeness and to care for Your sheep also. I love You dear Lord Jesus. I have none beside You, Lord. In all the world Lord Jesus You alone are mine. All I have is You, Lord, all I have is You, Lord, all I have is You, Lord.

Melody Aguelo

Occidental Mindoro, Philippines

Thank You Lord though I wander away, still Your love seeks after me and reaching me. I love You, Lord Jesus.

Nimrod Toralawe

Palu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Thank You Lord Jesus. I love You.

Sister Nika

Manila, Philippines

Amen! Sometimes we try the world but nothing could satisfy us the way the Lord does. Nothing in the whole world can ever compare with the Lord. Also sometimes we just wander away, but thank the Lord His love seeks us, so we could turn back to Him.

"Lord, we want to turn from the world to You Lord. Because nothing satisfies me the way You do. Lord, I just love You!"

Dominador Manlusoc


A sister translated this hymn to Filipino about ten years ago:

Oh Hesus, Mahal ko.

Wala nang nais pa.

Wala na sa mundo

Sa aki'y makasiya.

Lumayo man ako,

Mahal Mo pa rin ako,

Pag-ibig abot 'ko;

Ako'y babalik sa Iyo.


Dunedin, New Zealand

Thanks You Lord Jesus for Your love drawing us back again and again to turn to You.