Christ will make His seeking lover

Christ will make His seeking lover
  Pillar, couch, and palanquin,
E’en a crown, His boast and glory;
  He will do it all! Amen!
  His beloved—how He loves her,
  So attractive, His delight.
He is captivated wholly;
    She is comely in His sight.
But there still remains a shadow;
  Christ is still not satisfied.
He must have a growing garden
  To become His loving Bride!
Paradise of pomegranates,
  Pleasant fruits, and henna flowers,
Spikenard, saffron, myrrh, and aloes:
  His enjoyment now—not ours.
He has come into His garden,
  Gathered myrrh and spices there,
Eaten honeycomb and honey;
  Wine and milk He’ll drink fore’er.
From the garden comes the city,
  All materials thus supplied;
God is satisfied completely,
  And the foe is terrified.
“Thou art fair, my love, as Tirzah,
  Comely as Jerusalem.”
O Lord Jesus, Hallelujah,
  Thou wilt do it all! Amen!
Joanna L Smathers

Baton Rouge, LA, United States

Lord grow in our gardens what we have enjoyed of You for Your enjoyment and those around us. Ps. 110:7, 3. From a garden to a city-army for Your dwelling and defeat of Your enemy and ours.

Frank Pytel

Chicago, Illinois, United States

The love of my Beloved is changing me to be what is satisfying to Him! As the two were going away down the road of Emmaus, the love of the veiled Beloved burned in their hearts to change their direction, attitude, even discouragement into joy. May I say "Amen" to every kiss of His mouth until "as He is, so am I in this world" (1 John 4:17b).