I am crucified with Christ

  I am crucified with Christ
And it is no longer I who liveth,
But it is Christ who lives in me;
And the life which I now live
In the flesh, I live in faith—
The faith of the Son of God
Who loved and gave Himself up for me.
And now I’m walking by the Spirit
Step by step, day by day,
O Lord, I love You.
You’re the precious One to me.
As I do this and that
Lord, remind me where You’re at;
You’re in my spirit,
Dispensing grace to me.
And now I’m walking by the Spirit,
Marching on toward the goal.
O Lord, Your purpose
Means everything to me.
All self-love I lay aside
For the churches, for Your Bride,
For the fulfillment
Of Your economy.
Nathan David Reilly

Abbotsford, BC, Canada

A catchy little tune!


United Kingdom


Tim Ou

Austin, Texas, United States

I am crucified with Christ.

Joanna Smathersthe

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States

The Recovery of the Church: Week five day two. But it is Christ.

Paul Shao

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Step by step and day by day.

Jeremiah Fichter

Randolph, IA, United States

O Lord, I love You.

You’re the precious One to me!!

Helen Overly

McConnellsburg, PA, United States

Love the song. Message, Galatians 2:20 changed my life! Christ in me!!


Narashino, Chiba, Japan

Amen! We are crucified with Christ so in our daily life we need to put our flesh and everything from us to the cross and live by Him.

Lord I do want to be terminated and become nothing but one who live to You!

Igor Savinkin


As the Lord Jesus as the Spirit has entered our human spirit He never went out. He's always there whether we conscience of it or not. But He does remind us where He is, thru all kinds if means (Bible, messages, songs, saints in the church life, friends, trials, etc. ). "Lord, remind us all our life where You are and who You are: crusified Christ."

Angela Oliva

Irvine, CA, United States

O Lord, Your purpose means everything to me!