Lovers of Christ

Lovers of Christ in His ascension—
Enjoy the riches of His life.
She becomes His private garden
With its fountain, fruit, and spice.
Christ is hers and she is Christ’s dear love.
She is as beautiful as Tirzah
As lovely as Jerusalem.
Through her living in Christ’s ascension
Her dear heart is now His home.
She’s become the sanctuary of God.
Who is this woman I am seeing?
Shining forth as the moon and sun.
She is absolutely heavenly,
From the old creation free;
Overcoming all to live within the veil.
An army terrible with banners
Christ’s lovers overcome to be.
Those attracted by His beauty,
Fully trusting in His power.
Her romance is now the dances of two camps.
The Shulamite, His duplication,
His counterpart has now become.
She’s the same in life and nature,
His expression to the full;
Consummated as the New Jerusalem.

TX, United States

Her romance is now the dances of two camps.

Please explain this more.


Santa Maria, CA, United States

It is our favorite because it touches the deeper experience of the lover of Christ loving, growing and maturing for His satisfaction. Lord we could never be satisfied until YOU are satisfied! We love You Lord Jesus!


Salem, OR, United States

How could this hymn not be one of our favorites?

A McNichol

Fairborn, Ohio, United States

Lord, You get all the glory for beautifying and preparing Your overcoming bride. Praise and thank You for loving her to that extent!

All we can say is we love You! We love You and worship You for all You have done!

Janet Owusu Ansah

Bronx, New York, United States

It is very encouraging to know that as lovers of Christ we are with Him in ascension enjoying all the riches of His life! Hallelujah we have become His private Garden with fountain, fruits and spice for God's enjoyment!

The more we enjoy Christ the more He makes us beautiful, as beautiful as Tirzah and eventually we become the sanctuary of God!

As we become the sanctuary of God, He forms us into an Army, a terrible Army with banners to defeat God's enemy and to usher in God's Kingdom! Hallelujah! And to consumate the New Jerusalem! I love You, Lord Jesus! ...I'm really enjoying this hymn, Jesus is Lord! Amen!


Bandung, West Java, Indonesia


Crystal Mandudi

Denton, Texas, United States

Thank You Lord, that You are preparing us right now as Your overcoming Bride! Make us those who express You! Oh we love You!!

Chereynn Guinguing

Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines

Lord Jesus we give You the Glory!


Suva, Fiji

Amen, yes may we be encouraged to seek Him everyday and to seize every opportunity to love Him. Lord Jesus! Draw us much more to You daily.

Laura Lo

Tampa, Florida, United States

I needed some encouragement tonight and found myself trying to find my wedding hymn. I got married 12 years ago and the young people sang this hymn as I walked toward my husband. I thought I would be encouraged by the sweetness of this hymn, and I was..... BUT what encouraged me most was reading all the comments from all my brothers and sisters who are enjoying this hymn around the world... Nigeria, Philipines, Fiji, etc.

I am so strengthened by you all. You remind me that our enjoyment of Christ is not just for ourselves, but is also for the strengthening and building of the Body of Christ. Our enjoyment is a sweet testimony of our love for Him. May we all be encouraged to seek Him everyday, to seize every opportunity to love Him.