Lovers of Christ

Lovers of Christ in His ascension—
Enjoy the riches of His life.
She becomes His private garden
With its fountain, fruit, and spice.
Christ is hers and she is Christ’s dear love.
She is as beautiful as Tirzah
As lovely as Jerusalem.
Through her living in Christ’s ascension
Her dear heart is now His home.
She’s become the sanctuary of God.
Who is this woman I am seeing?
Shining forth as the moon and sun.
She is absolutely heavenly,
From the old creation free;
Overcoming all to live within the veil.
An army terrible with banners
Christ’s lovers overcome to be.
Those attracted by His beauty,
Fully trusting in His power.
Her romance is now the dances of two camps.
The Shulamite, His duplication,
His counterpart has now become.
She’s the same in life and nature,
His expression to the full;
Consummated as the New Jerusalem.
Mart Gacos

Valenzuela City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Praise the Lord! She’s becoming the sanctuary of God, as we continue to pursue Christ we become His sanctuary.


Banfield, Buenos Aires, Argentina

we are your warrior against your enemy. We have defeat it. Your bride, a warrior.

Rosita Enriquez

Anaheim, CA, United States

She, the composition of the lovers of Christ! That's where we want to be!



Thank you Lord Jesus for touching me once again this morning with your tender loving care through this hymn. I just want to say I love you Lord, I really do. Continue to beautify us, your lovers ♥ until we be ready and prepared as a bride for Your coming...


United States

Lord Jesus, make us Your lovers to match You and to bring You back.


United States

God has no intention for His believers to possess only the heavenly beauty without possessing a warring nature. The heavenly warfare is never abated before the Lord. Believers ought to be lovable and terrible at the same time. Believers today have lost their loveliness before the Lord, and they have lost their terribleness before the enemy and the world.... The Bible often mentions the terribleness of the Lord; He is terrible because He is holy. If we maintain our holiness and victory, we will see the enemy retreating and the world standing back. Not only does [the bride] have a future that is full of hope, and a life that is absolutely heavenly, but she is a victor who constantly triumphs in her victory. She is “terrible as an army with banners. ” She goes from victory to victory. (CWWN, vol. 23, pp. 97, 101)

Amy Ku

Arcadia, CA, United States

In response to our dear saint in TX, from Genesis 32:1, 2 The name “Mahanaim” means “two camps” as a result of Jacob’s obedience to God to leave Padan-aram, God had deliver him from the hand of Laban and would deliver him from the hands of others. God Open his eyes to see that his company of people on earth was one camp while God‘s army was another camp; hence there were the “two camps”. (Reference: The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob page: 128 Through Mahanaim, by brother Watchman Nee)


TX, United States

Her romance is now the dances of two camps.

Please explain this more.


Santa Maria, CA, United States

It is our favorite because it touches the deeper experience of the lover of Christ loving, growing and maturing for His satisfaction. Lord we could never be satisfied until YOU are satisfied! We love You Lord Jesus!


Salem, OR, United States

How could this hymn not be one of our favorites?