He understands you thoroughly

He understands you thoroughly;
There’s nothing He does not know.
All your problems and weaknesses
Don’t say it isn’t so!
He’s your Helper, sympathizing.
He’s the Spirit. Don’t neglect Him.
He’s praying for you
And sustaining you.
He gives support and comforts you,
Interceding night and day.
And when you’re weak He groans for you
With words you cannot say.
He’s the Spirit, interceding.
He’s the Spirit. Don’t neglect this
Wonderful One,
Who is praying for you.
So many times we are so weak,
But Someone deep within
Supplies the very help we need,
And we’re upheld by Him.
He says, “Don’t be disappointed.”
He knows all your fears and failures;
He’s praying for you
As no one else can do.

California, United States

He knows all your fears and failures;

He’s praying for you

As no one else can do.

Dawn Citto

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Amen Lord, What a comfort You are..... Wonderful ONE!!


Arcadia, CA, United States

The Lord is so good! His covenant will always be there, we just to have faith and trust in him. AMEN!

Jason Lawofspiritoflifehasfreedme

Sydney, Australia

Hi peoples. Greetings from Australia MATE. I appreciate that no1 understand us more than God Himself. As the Spirit interceding, He is sustaining us. Please do visit us, we reuqire your shepherding.

There are many young peoples to mingle with so you are able to feel young in Christ and awesome again

Dw, there aint no kangaroos to punch u in da face. Plenty of whales to see around this seasons of refreshing :D.The only speck of air we need to punch is the enemy. KAPOW

Just another member of the Body.

Jeremy Tan

Irvine, CA, United States

Amen I enjoyed the fact that the Lord understands us thoroughly! There is nothing He does not know. He knows all our fears and failures, so don't be dissapointed! This wonderful one is praying for us!

Febe Oga


Thank You Lord. You are in me who is the reality of all. You understand me thoroughly,You give support and comforts, interceding night and day. How wonderful You are. So many times I am weak but SOMEONE deep within who supplies the very help I need. Thank You Lord You're praying for me, as no one else can do. I really enjoy this song. It supplies me a lot.


Naga City, Camarines Sur, Philippines

So many times we are so weak, but Someone deep within supplies the very help we need. He says, “Don’t be disappointed.“ He knows all your fears and failures. He’s praying for you.


Precious Grace Catindig


And when you're weak He groans for you with words you cannot say. We just thank You Lord as the Spirit!


United States

Thank You Lord You understand me! There is no one like You! No one can pray as hard for me as You do.... You are my light, my heart and my portion, and I give my all to You because You gave Your all for me! I want to have an open heart towards You! Always gaining, praising and seeking You!

chris kenny

Devon, United Kingdom

Thank the Lord there is Someone who understands me!