Every new day’s a new start

Every new day’s a new start.
Lord, again we’re coming to You.
Lord, could You ever break through within us
If, Lord, we gave You a part?
  O Lord, we can’t do it on our own.
O Lord Jesus, how we need You!
Win us, woo us, to Thyself, Lord,
That we’d ever stay, Lord, with You.
Lord, before time had begun,
We were marked and called out by You.
We had no choice, we were trapped by You, Lord;
We had no place we could run.
Some of my friends are so free.
Who could I blame, Lord, but Thee?
I cannot do all the things that they do
Because You set me apart.
Lord, I’m realizing that
Loving You’s a tender trap.
Since You have kissed me, my heart has melted;
All my resistance has cracked.

Wellington, New Zealand

Big amen, big hallelujah :)



Apart from You, we can do nothing. Praise You Lord for attracting us with Thy love.......Hallelujah!


United States

This song really touched me, it explained my feelings within which I could not understand. As a young person in the Lord's recovery, I cannot do the things or be the way that others can, because I have been bought by the Lord. Some days I feel like having the Lord is simply a burden. But I only need to realize how beautiful and tender He is, I only need to fall in love with Him again. Praise the Lord!

Shulammite Apiag

Ozamis City, Church In Sinacaban, Philippines

I like this song because it reminds me that I can do nothing without the Lord and how I need Him because He is my life. Amen.


Westport, CT, United States

Thank so much O, My Lord...


Taipei, Taiwan

Praise the Lord for a new beginning each day, and we can't do it on our own that we need Him.

Yet, could someone share more on what does it mean with the last two lines in stanza one? "Could You ever break through within us if we give You a part?"


Calgary, AB, Canada

Hallelujah for a new start.