Lord, You are my only goal

Lord, You are my only goal!
You’re my only hope!
I only care for You!
I never could replace You,
And I would never want to.
I have everything, Lord—
I have You!
Lord, I only live for You—
Not anything else!
In everything You’re my source;
No more good intentions,
No more right or wrong.
I don’t want a “good” life—
I want You!

Tuba, Benguet, Philippines

Amen! The Lord Jesus should ONLY and always be our goal in everything! Let's keep enjoying the Lord through hymn singing. :)


Houston, Texas, United States

Lord, You are my ONLY goal, my ONLY hope. I only care for You! No more good intentions, no more right or wrong, I don't want a "good life" I want You!!!


Jakarta, Indonesia

I only want You LORD!