The Triune God and the Person

The Triune God and the Person
And the work of Christ,
The Triune God is a mystery,
The mystery of life.
The Father, Son, and Spirit—
Three-One now to be,
Not for comprehending,
But to flow into me.
The Triune God is forever,
Forever to be
The life supply in my spirit;
He’s dwelling in me!
The Father in the Son came
Displayed for all to see;
The Son as Spirit flows now
To flow God into me.
I’m calling His name “Lord Jesus“;
He’s coming in my heart.
He’s spreading out from my spirit
To all my inward parts.
The more I contact daily,
The more my heart Christ’s home,
And with the saints I’m built up
Into the church, Christ’s home!
(Repeat verse 3)