What a Mystery, Mystery of Mysteries

What a mystery,
Mystery of mysteries,
Our God is Triune,
Our God is one yet three!
Father, Son, and Spirit flow in me,
Praise the Lord for His divine Trinity!
  God the Father planned for His purpose,
God the Son died and redeemed,
We were sealed with God, the Holy Spirit,
Oh, the Triune God has a plan, economy!
What a mystery,
Wonderful mystery,
Our God is Spirit,
He flows the Son to me!
Calling Jesus’ name, we get all three,
Praise the Lord for His divine Trinity!
  How I love His name, “Oh Lord Jesus!”
When I call He comes to me,
As the Spirit from and with the Father,
Oh, the Triune God reaches me, even me!
What a mystery,
Wonderful mystery,
The Triune God has,
Incorporated me,
As a member I’m in the Body,
Reconciled through His divine Trinity.
  Hallelujah He is dispensing,
Hallelujah all His being,
One with Him we stand as His own Body,
Oh, the Triune God has the church eternally.
Clay Sylvester

Waukegan, Illinois, United States

I love that the God of eternity is Triune and that the loving Father, redeeming Son and comforting, filling, and satisfying Spirit determined in eternity past to be processed to become the content of His created and transformed human vessels into gold, silver, and precious stones for His building-bride, the New Jerusalem. The Father is the Source of life-givingness, the Son is the manifested Incarnated-Savior, and the Spirit is the dynamic Transmission of all of God's mysterious yet real elements, virtues and attributes into us as mingled sons, heirs, co-kings, brothers and Bride.

Grace Y

Houston, TX, United States

The Triune God has incorporated me as a member in the Body!