I just existed empty

I just existed empty, not knowing
what life was for;
Until one day someone told me that
there was something more;
At first I wouldn’t take it—
it seemed too simple to me!
  Calling His name, “O Lord Jesus!”
Saying, “Amen,” when He speaks.
Filling my spirit with His life.
Filling my whole life with His life.
Flooding my living with His life.
Filling my whole life with His life!
But then at length I tried it—
first softly, to myself.
As I called I felt like someone sick
brought back to health.
The flow of life within me, I’d never
felt before.
Then as I called on Jesus I felt
that I’d been found!
I was so full; I was calling “Jesus!”
right out loud.
I’d never dreamed that I could know
reality by...
And now I’m full and happy, so
satisfied with Him,
Because He has come and filled me
clear up past the brim.
His life is now my portion—
I’ll go on all my life, just...
Danny Wu

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

I love God.

Jose Feliciano

Irving, TX, United States

Jesus is Lord!!!!


This song was written in the 1970's and enjoyed for years by many. So glad it is being sung again!

Victoria Mobley-Carter

Jacksonville, Florida, United States

I remember when Brother Joel Grosh introduced this song in Bible study in 2010. I love this hymn of salvation. Thank You Lord Jesus! The tune is so familiar and it is used as a tool to express Christ. Hallelujah!