Do you know what you were made for

Do you know what you were made for;
Do you ever wonder why?
What’s the purpose for your being;
What’s the reason you’re alive?
Do you know God wants to be your life?
He wants to be your life, He wants to be your life.
You were made with something deep within,
A vessel to contain just Him.
Deep within you is your spirit,
Even deeper than your “heart”;
Many other things can fill you—
Only Jesus can fill this part.
You have been so empty all these years;
In spite of all you’ve tried, you’re still not satisfied.
Don’t you feel a longing deep within
To open up and take Christ in?
Doesn’t matter how you see things,
For in God’s eyes “all have sinned”;
Jesus shed His blood to cleanse you
For the purpose of getting in.
He’s done everything there is to do,
And He’s the Spirit now so He can get in you.
Makes no difference what your past has been;
The living Christ will still come in.
Just as you are in your body,
Perfectly contained therein,
God wants you for His container,
All you need to do is let Him in.
Would you open up from deep within
To let the Lord come in and fill you to the brim.
Why not open up from deep within
And call upon the name of Him.
Lianty Suherman

Canning Vale, WA, United States

I was saved through this hymn! It answered the big question I have always had in me. The purpose of my being. Praise the Lord!


Naga City, Camarines Sur, Philippines

What's the background for this song? Who wrote this? Someone please answer. Thank you, and God bless.

William Jeng

Irvine, CA, United States

Man are good for nothing but to be filled with God! We are made to be vessels to contain Him. Many other things can fill us, but only the Lord can fill our innermost part - our spirit!



I Love This Song.