Zion is God’s habitation.
Sing praises in Zion,
The city of our King.
Zion, the place of His choosing
Where saints are rejoicing.
Here God is their salvation.
  Beautiful Zion,
In elevation,
The joy of our King,
His satisfaction,
The joy of the whole earth.
Zion: how good and how pleasant,
The greatest enjoyment!
It’s like the precious ointment.
Zion, how good and how pleasant,
In oneness we’re dwelling.
The dew, oh how refreshing!
  Beautiful Zion, in elevation.
How good and how pleasant,
The best enjoyment!
Our oneness is just Him.
Zion: our oneness a Person,
As ointment, He’s moving,
As dew He is descending,
Zion: our God is our dwelling,
As ointment, He’s strengthening,
As dew, He’s so supplying.
  Beautiful Zion, in elevation.
How good and how pleasant,
Man’s satisfaction,
Our dwelling is this One.
Zion: in God we’re abiding,
Our oneness and living,
The processed God, our all.
Zion, the ultimate blessing,
Of God with man mingling,
The Triune God dispensing.
  Beautiful churches, the golden lampstands.
God mingling with man;
His satisfaction,
The ultimate consummation!

Hong Kong, China

Psalm 84:1-2 How lovely are your tabernacles, O Jehovah of hosts ! My soul longs, indeed even faints, For the courts of Jehovah; My heart and my flesh cry out, To the living God.

Oh Lord have mercy upon me, so that my soul always longs for Your habitation. We are Your habitation.

Mathew Grace Kurikesu

Portland, Oregon, United States

Christ in me, the hope of glory. Abode or Ichabod! Rom. 8:11; Phi. 3:26. Be it unto me according to Thy word. Amen.


Nottingham, United Kingdom

Zion is a joyful happy song.

Migadde Denis

Kampala, Uganda

Praise You Lord that as ointment You move to strengthen us, as dew You ever descend to refresh us and supply us, Amen.

Mathew Grace Kurikesu

Portland, Oregon, United States

I am told the root of this word ZION is zero. He emptied himself and became a beggar. Himself is the root, rhyme and reason for the season of grace, rest, plenty Heb.2:10. The tussle is between the serpent's root and the Royal Root of David. He is able to succour the ZEROES to the uttermost ! Halle....... So pass the keys boldly. Maranatha.

Pierro Ahorsey

Tema, Greater Accra, Ghana

Zion, Zion, Zion. I can sing this song all day. Thank You Father for Howard Higashi.

Nelson Liu

Irvine, CA, United States

Lord, make Your habitation in us!

Jeffrey C

Vancouver, BC, Canada

What a beautiful hymn... Listening to the music and singing along by looking at the lyrics, I was moved to tears when I reached the last verse. Oh praise the Lord for His economy and thank You for inspiring Br. Howard Higashi to write this beautiful hymn. Oh the beauty of His churches, the golden lampstands!!

Nicky Caber

Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Our destiny and future is Zion. Our goal is Mt. Zion. Forgive me Lord, these tears are only for You, not merely on the emotion that I am feeling right now. Lord Jesus be gracious to us. I want to set my eyes looking always to Your habitation. Lord we pray that Your kingdom will be done on this earth. Zion. Praise the Lord Jesus. These tears are for You Lord Jesus. my Lord and my God! Hallelujah!


Houma, Louisiana, United States

This hymn became more real to me after I had read Psalm 131. I really love this hymn.