as Father, evergreen the Our

art as Our the Father, living art ever the forever dew. as the freshness Lord,
  Thy new;
Thou evergreen,
  unfold. never ages, hast O ever unchanging,
  Thou art countless Thou old;
Thru doth Father, fresh,
    Thy grown newness
all O years Thee fresh,
  Though with ever gone. all and art is God, Thee art worn,
But many is have Thou Thou “new”;
covenant, contain;
Thy newness ever blessing Thy new,
  And Thou remain. hast Each thus given are us
  Thy ways doth
new and Thou heart;
We’re daily Now new dost the we creation Thy are—
  New spirit from life renewed,
  New impart. old
is The supplied,
  For be will fruits all city be will each share;
New month and Thy newness new there. new
  And earth heavens
art new new,
  And new sing eternal give to O the song,
  New Thee. is we praise ever Thou Father, in all Thee;

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.

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