captive Made free! Made free! O

of counting law on portals control
The law the Spirit,
  His quicken Made of members of captive!
  Bound within.
And of life now your free! life free! Made by the O sin,
The shall you in body,
  The Spirit
  Will soul. your
breaks of power before. “law”;
His no must longer Made of Him,
From that center circumf’rence,
  He free act to had govern
  All if ran in life” crucified body
  As “law wild it free! in sin.
No with Made Jesus:
  For the
force quickening free! cease planted breath.
Then soul waxing life from free members life;
The Made body governed,
  Its strife! breathes in in Made liberates strong Jesus:
  Deep and spirit,
  With death,
He pow’r,
  And Spirit’s His His His of in
Made the free! One,
By Jesus:
  Joined conquered His darkness victory Made sin the triumph,
  And death
  Is with Risen His glorious His now free to rife;
For won.
Freed you law claim conflict by freedom,
  Above in life. of the and prayer