There’s a Stranger at the door

There’s a Stranger at the door,
    Let Him in;
He has been there oft before,
    Let Him in;
Let Him in, ere He is gone,
Let Him in, the Holy One,
Jesus Christ, the Father’s Son,
    Let Him in.
Open now to Him your heart,
    Let Him in;
If you wait He will depart,
    Let Him in;
Let Him in, He is your Friend,
He your soul will sure defend,
He will keep you to the end,
    Let Him in.
Hear you now His loving voice?
    Let Him in;
Now, oh, now make Him your choice,
    Let Him in;
He is standing at your door,
Joy to you He will restore,
And His name you will adore,
    Let Him in.
Now admit the heav’nly Guest,
    Let Him in;
He will make for you a feast,
    Let Him in;
He will speak your sins forgiv’n.
And when earth ties all are riv’n,
Comfort, rest, you will be giv’n,
    Let Him in.

Houston, Texas, United States

What wondrous words! Our Dad used to sing this for family worship when we were small... Cherished memories. Love it 😀 as much today.


Kampala, Uganda

very nice song


Lagos, Nigeria

We used to sing this song in my church before sermon and also during evangelism in the Anglican church. My sister started to sing this song this night and I joined.

I'm lifted in the spirit and my soul is revived. If only we can go back to thymns during worship.


Lagos, Nigeria

Just woke up this morning with the tune of this song on my lips, so I have to start searching out for the full lyrics.

I heard this song from oldies of the Anglican stock.

I am revived this morning as I sing it with tears of emotion in my heart.

Dear Lord Jesus, come into my heart afresh, to never depart.



Gregory L Barrett

East Orange, New Jersey, United States

Praise Jesus Christ for the gifts of the Holy Spirit and for The Church of Christ.


I am the minister of music because of what Jesus did at the cross.

God bless!

Christiana Orok


My favorite song. I learnt it in secondary school.

Jemimah Samuel


Lord please come into my heart and stay without You I am nothing.

Sandra Stewart

Kingston, Jamaica

I learnt this song as a child. God bless my dear mom.Then, the idea of Jesus at the door was mystical. Now, I understand "the door" is real. It's my heart.

Child of the Living God

Beautiful. It truly touched my heart. Jesus is Lord!