Salvation in Thy life, O God

Salvation in Thy life, O God,
Meets what Thy righteousness demands;
Judicially, organically
Full and complete as Thou hast planned.
Redeemed by Thee judicially,
Saved in Thy life organically;
Thy righteousness is satisfied;
Thy will accomplished  perfectly.
Judicially I’m justified,
Organically made one with Thee;
I am reborn a God-man now
And sanctified, renewed to be.
Transformed to Thine own image bright,
Through Thy life metabolically,
Till we mature, a full-grown man,
Built as one Body corporately.
Our body glorified, redeemed,
We’ll sonship’s pinacle attain,
Mingled, a mut’ual abode with Thee,
Our song, the New Jerusalem.