O lovely Bridegroom, we long for Thy returning

O lovely Bridegroom, we long for Thy returning;
Quicken that day: increase Thyself in us.
Lord, beautify each member with Thy beauty;
Thy bride we’ll be, prepared and glorious.
O lovely Bridegroom, our nat’ral strength e’er fails us;
Hopeless Thou found us, and one gift Thou gave:
Our little pow’r to cling to our Beloved,
Leaning on Thee and guided all the way.
O lovely Bridegroom, have mercy on Thy people
That we’d forsake all other loves but Thee,
Cleaving to Thee, our dear and faithful Husband;
Loving Thee solely, unreservedly.
O lovely Bridegroom, Thy burning love compels us
That we’d be ready for that wedding day.
E’er we’d adorn the church with all Thy riches;
Her beauty then Thou wouldst desire for aye.
O lovely Bridegroom, we yearn to hear Thy speaking:
“You’re altogether beautiful, My love!”
Aching for Thee, Thy coming we would hasten
Till at Thy wedding feast we meet above.