The love of Christ constraineth

The love of Christ constraineth;
  Oh, let the watchword ring
Till all the world adoring
  To Jesus’ feet it bring.
Till north and south the kingdoms
  Shall own His glorious sway,
And east and west the nations
  Rejoice to see His Day.
The love of Christ constraineth;
  At home, abroad, where’er
By sea or shore abiding
  His Name and mark we bear.
We ask not that our service
  Or great or small may be,
If only Thou wilt own it,
  Dear Lord, as unto Thee.
The love of Christ constraineth;
  And we who trust His Word,
Who know and feel its power
  To gladder service stirred,
Shall neither faint nor falter,
  Though dark the night and long,
And weak our hands that labor;
  His strength shall make us strong.
The love of Christ constraineth,
  Then let us work and pray,
And watch the glad appearing
  Of that triumphant day,
When Father, Son, and Spirit,
  By every tongue confessed,
All earth His broad dominion
  In His dear love shall rest.