The God of love, my Shepherd is

The God of love, my Shepherd is,
Grace He doth give, me He doth feed;
O He is mine and I am His,
What else I lack? What else I need?
He lays me down in pastures green,
And leads me to waters of rest;
No greater satisfaction seen,
Here I enjoy fellowship blest.
He brings me home, though oft I stray,
Restores my soul, His will to take;
I yet may fall, He guides the way,
On righteous path, for His name’s sake.
How marvelous, how could it be
To walk without evil to fear;
Your rod and staff, they comfort me:
My boast is in Your presence dear.
You’ve spread for me a table feast
To confound my adversaries;
My cup runs o’er; oil has not ceased;
My head anoint; O Lord, increase.
Your wondrous love, eternal, sweet,
With me abides till all my days,
And in Your house, with joy replete,
I’ll ever dwell, with endless praise.

I think this hymn was a Chinese rendition of Hymn No. 528 'The King of love my Shepherd is' by H.W. Baker. The poetics in either version are non-translatable, although both are versions of Psalm 23. But I must say, the English version by H.W. Baker covers Psalm 23 more completely. For example, a very important mentioning of God's house in the last stanza was included in Baker's rendition, as well as in the original Psalm, yet neglected in the Chinese rendition. Many older Chinese saints like this hymn because of its Chinese-ish melody, but do you know the Chinese version is singable with the English melody by John B. Dykes as well?