God intends that all His being

God intends that all His being
  Be my full supply;
With Him I must be united,
  In spirit nigh.
  All God’s being, all His riches
  In the Spirit flow;
I must exercise my spirit
    Him to know.
All the riches of His nature
  He has given me;
I must touch Him in the spirit,
  These to see.
With the mind we understand Him,
  With the spirit touch;
Those who never use the spirit
  Lack very much.
When to messages I listen,
  I must pray them in;
Thus the word will be digested
  From within.
When the Word of God I study,
  I must touch the Lord;
If in mind and not in spirit,
  Dead is the Word.
O what riches, O what glory
  In the Spirit shine!
When I exercise my spirit,
  All are mine.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.

Felicie Fauville

Flins Sur Seine, France

Bonjour , ou est ce qu on pourrait trouver la partition svp ?

Cody Enderli

San Marcos, TX, United States

Lord, we want to know you more deeply! Thank you for this Promise if the Spirit that we may know you more in the spirit!

Nancy Northrup

Crescent City, CA, United States

Lord, Your being and Your riches

In the Spirit flow;

Lord, I come to You in spirit

You to know.


Anaheim, CA, United States

May we all eat the bread of God by reading, praying His word and sing to Him, in everything give thanks to him.

Praise Truine God,

Himself becomes our new being.


Matthews, NC, United States

This song has lifted me up and reminded me that a large part of why I am so exhausted and stressed is because I do not exercise my spirit in God. I address the physical side of my life and the emotional side but seldom take time to address the Spiritual side of my life. Yet, it is the most important! Thank you for this song!


Georgievsk, Russia

Слава Господу за этот подарок!Замечательный сайт.Я так хотела найти мелодии некоторых гимнов и...3 дня назад вдруг появилась новая закладка,а там мои любимые гимны.Спасибо ТЕБЕ,НАШ ДОРОГОЙ И ЛЮБИМЫЙ ГОСПОДЬ!

Mannet Merine

Orlando, Florida, United States

You have done a good job. May God bless you. And I'd like to have the partitions these songs.


Lubbock, Texas, United States

Praise the Lord we can exercise our spirit!


Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia

I really, really love this song.

When we compiled the hymnal, we did consider this matter of the "rind" and the "flesh." Since a watermelon must have both rind and flesh, we kept the "rind" hymns. However, we must learn to eat the "flesh," because the essence and nutrients are in the flesh. We must not eat only the rind. The saints seldom call hymns on experiencing Christ as life, such as Hymns, #841 and #501, or hymns on Christ as the all-inclusive Spirit, such as #450 in the Chinese hymnal and Hymns, #612. Some may not even know the tune to these hymns. We do not call these hymns, because we lack a vision of the treasure within these hymns. These hymns are on the riches of Christ who, as the all-inclusive Spirit, is in us to be our supply. Regrettably, the brothers and sisters do not know how to appreciate these hymns. They prefer to sing "rind" hymns.

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