Lord, Thou art a potter skilled



Build me, Lord, with other saints,

Independence ne’er allow,

But according to Thy plan

Fitly frame and join me now.

In experience not my boast,

Nor in gifts would be my pride.

Lord You alone be glorified!


Hallelujah saints we are a group of living creatures with not one, but four faces to express Christ. May we coordinate together as one entity for the fulfillment of God’s eternal purpose and plan.

Steven Taiwo

The Hague, Netherlands

Just as the vision of the four living creatures in Ezekiel, we need to learn coordination in the church. May the Lord save us from being independent.

Vincent Okoro

Lagos, Nigeria

Lord cause Your heart's desire to be our heart's desire! We love You and allow You to build Yourself into us and build us into You.

Carlos Urbina

Irving, Texas, United States

Amen! From across the world we enjoy the same thing, not only that the Lord Jesus is so wonderful but that His mercy reached us and we know Him, the precious treasure within our vessels of clay!

Lennart Kohala

Tallinn, Estonia

I appreciate this hymn very much because it touches the heart of God. God's desire is His building. He wants to have a home for His rest and satisfaction. How wonderful that we can know God's purpose and live for it!