Lord, Thou art a potter skilled

Zion Jia Eng Su

Auckland, New Zealand

Lord You desire a builded church. Make us members of this builded church! Build us up with other saints!


New Zealand

Lord, You require a builded church. Make us buildable material to satisfy Your heart's desire. Remove any effort to be independent from You. Lord, we desire to be built up together.

Babu Narendran

Udhagamandalam, Tamil Nadu, India

Lord build me up with other saints. Let me not be independent.


Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Although we were just made out of clay, our destiny is to be precious stones built together. More building this year!

Lilo Xu

Auckland, New Zealand

Lord, for Your building I give my all. Lord, make me willing to allow You to deal with my independence and individualism, so that I can be built up with all the saints, according to Your plan, for Your glory.


Amen to God’s desire for the builded church & amen to the comments from around the world.

Nelson K

Sydney, Australia

"We shall, through Thy building work,

Then become Thy loving Bride,

In one Body joined to Thee,

That Thy heart be satisfied."

Lucia Loftus

Long Beach, CA, United States

“Members separate and detached Ne’er express Thee perfectly” My prayer is that as I pass thru difficult health situations, that I would have the view of the building... The Lord doesn’t just want transformation for my own spiritual growth. He desires a builded Church. My little light is not enough. He needs not precious stones alone but “builded stones to radiate their light entire”.



Build me, Lord, with other saints,

Independence ne’er allow,

But according to Thy plan

Fitly frame and join me now.

In experience not my boast,

Nor in gifts would be my pride.

Lord You alone be glorified!


Hallelujah saints we are a group of living creatures with not one, but four faces to express Christ. May we coordinate together as one entity for the fulfillment of God’s eternal purpose and plan.