The Church is Christ’s own Body

Matthew and Jonathan

Irvine, CA, United States

Praise the Lord for the Body!!

Glory Jung

Anaheim, California, United States

Spiritual warfare is not an individual matter but a matter of the Body.

May we see the Body and be the Body intrinsically...

Heather Hagen

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

What a rich blessing this hymn is. Our Friday evening program to conclude a Week of Prayer at our Adventist church in Brisbane, will be richly blessed by its use to emphasise that the church is a living organism, with Jesus Christ as its living head. It is a community that is the result of a living connection with Jesus. Through this connection we find our identity in Him. The church per se is a place where believers should find new meaning in life, a sense of belonging like no other, and a place to grow.

May God richly bless your lyric writing.

Pat Cooksey

Atlanta, GA, United States

I first remember this hymn as we sang it at the first Lord's table meeting in Athens, GA I think in 2005. There were several thousand saints gathered on the UGA campus. As the Bread and Wine were passed around and we sang this hymn, I saw the Body of Christ as a reality. This is one of if not the greatest hymn on the church every written.

Marilyn Kline

North Little Rock, AR, United States

I LOVE this hymn. It has refreshed me many times!! It describes the church which is God's great enterprise! May every true believer partake of its richness!!


Mississauga, ON, Canada

This hymn describes what the "church" is, not a physical location where the saints meet, but "Christ's own Body" which are the saints. In verse one, it says, "The gathering of the called ones, God blended with man's race". What a revelation that we are one with God, in one spirit with the saints.

Praise the Lord! That also through the process He has undergone, we have inherited the Spirit of God, the life of God and the position of God, as His sons. Thank you, Lord!

In the table of contents of our hymnal there is a category called "The Church." It covers the church as the mystery of Christ, the increase of Christ, the fullness of Christ, the vessel of Christ, and the lampstand of Christ. It also covers the church's general definition, course, faith, unity, foundation, building, attraction, coordination, and fellowship. Hymns, #824 is on the general definition of the church, whereas #852 is on the attraction of the church. Perhaps many of us have been in the church life for a number of years, yet we are still not clear about the definition of the church, nor do we know what kind of price we need to pay when we are attracted by the church. These two hymns reveal to us these two aspects of the truth. I hope that we all can earnestly study the truths contained in our hymns.