The Church is Christ's own Body

Carol Soto

NYC, New York, United States

Hallelujah for Christ and the church!

Priscila Munoz

El Paso, Texas, United States

Christ "one new man"!!

Sis Leanne

Perth, WA, Australia

Praise the Lord for our Fathers purpose, and plan, in bringing us many sons into Glory, as the church, the Fathers dwelling place. Thank You Father that we have Your life, and nature, and we ARE becoming the New Jerusalem. We are precious ‘living’ stones for Your building work. The New Jerusalem is Your ultimate consummation, it will express You in fullness, in its details, and its aspects!

Sister Vali

Tirane, Albania

Themel I Kishes , Krishti

Askush vec Tij sqendron

Ćdo gje qe ka , si Krishti

Hyjnore eshte gjithmone

Besniket permes Frymes

Gjejne vdekjen ne Kalvar

Ringjallja bashke I beri

Si perl , Argjend dhe ar .

Sister Vali

Tirane, Albania

Christ is her one foundation,

None other man may lay;

All that she has, as Christ, is

Divine in every way;

Thành Lê

San Francisco, California, United States

Praise the Lord, the church is Your Body -Body of Christ, with members blending together to express Triune God. The church is the new man of new creation, gathering of called one, there is no Jew nor Gentile, no high nor lowly, no free nor slave, but only Christ is all and in all. Hallelujah Amen!

Armando Rondon Rondon

The church the body of Christ. The expression of the only divine God. Christ the head and the only begotten son of God

Adilson Pereira

Goiânia (GO), Goiás, Brazil

Oh Lord Jesus!!! I Just need Christ moment by moment and Forever. I Love Jesus!!


I like how it says her local gatherings model the New Jerusalem. In the New Jerusalem there is oneness. I also like that it says the church is Christ own body. There aren’t many church languages. There is only the cross and Christ.

Matthew and Jonathan

Irvine, CA, United States

Praise the Lord for the Body!!

Hymns, #824 is quite a special hymn. It contains a very deep mystery, but the saints do not sing it very often.


Furthermore, the emphasis in every stanza is very clear. The first stanza is on the Body and the dwelling place; the second stanza is on the new man; the third stanza is on the foundation and its emphasis on building. All buildings require a foundation, and Christ being the head of the corner in God's building is the foundation (Matt. 21:42). Although stanza 3 does not have the term transformation, transformation is truly included in it: "Christ is her one foundation, / None other man may lay; / All that she has, as Christ, is / Divine in every way; / Her members through the Spirit / Their death on Calv'ry own; / They're built in resurrection— / Gold, silver, precious stone." Natural things must go through the killing of the cross and then be built up in resurrection. Wood, grass, and stubble can be transformed and built up as gold, silver, and precious stone. The Body and the new man need to grow, whereas the building needs transformation.

The second half of stanza 4 says, "The triune God is in her, / One Body members own, / By faith they are united, / In hope of glory shown." [Editor's note: The last two lines of stanza 4 in Chinese literally say, "By faith united, by baptism cut off, / In hope awaiting the Lord's coming."] Through baptism we have been cut off from the world and the old creation. Furthermore, we have been cut off from the flesh, the self, and everything natural. If we have been cut off from the world, the old creation, the self, and everything natural, we surely have been cut off from sinfulness and Satan. This cutting off results in a separation from every negative thing. We lack nothing because we are joined to everything positive and cut off from everything negative. Thus, we are waiting to be raptured; we are in hope awaiting the Lord's coming.

We need to sing this hymn and read this hymn, and we also need to learn this hymn. The last stanza says, "Her local gatherings model / The New Jerusalem; / Its aspects and its details / Must show in all of them. / Christ is the Lamp that shineth, / With God within, the Light; / They are the lampstands bearing / His glorious Image bright." If we become familiar with these words and speak these words, our speaking will eventually become like the hymn. I hope that we would sing this hymn one hundred times, once every day, singing slowly, reading slowly, speaking slowly, and digesting slowly so that these words can enter into our thoughts and into our entire being. After one hundred days this will become our possession.

In the table of contents of our hymnal there is a category called "The Church." It covers the church as the mystery of Christ, the increase of Christ, the fullness of Christ, the vessel of Christ, and the lampstand of Christ. It also covers the church's general definition, course, faith, unity, foundation, building, attraction, coordination, and fellowship. Hymns, #824 is on the general definition of the church, whereas #852 is on the attraction of the church. Perhaps many of us have been in the church life for a number of years, yet we are still not clear about the definition of the church, nor do we know what kind of price we need to pay when we are attracted by the church. These two hymns reveal to us these two aspects of the truth. I hope that we all can earnestly study the truths contained in our hymns.