When Christ of old with healing pow’r

When Christ of old with healing pow’r
Went forth through all the suffering land,
His word so oft was wont to be,
“Stretch forth thy hand, stretch forth thy hand!”
And though the palsied arm might shrink
And tremble at the strange command,
The healing touch was only felt
While stretching forth the withered hand.
  O suffering one, stretch forth your hand,
Upon His promise take your stand.
At His command stretch forth your hand,
    And Christ shall make you whole.
That changeless Christ is still as near
And just as kind and strong to save;
He came to lift our fallen race
From sin and sickness and the grave.
As in the days of Galilee,
Disease still flees at His command;
But ere His touch your frame can feel,
You, too, must still stretch forth your hand.
What though you feel so weak and faint?
He can your will with strength endue,
New faith and courage breathe within
And work in you to will and do.
Reach out to meet His quickening touch;
Take up your bed, arise and stand;
And pressing through to meet your Lord,
Stretch forth your hand, stretch forth your hand.
Nancy Tapia

Highland Park, NJ, United States

Thank You dear Lord for Your full salvation. Praise You for being the same loving, compassionate, merciful healing God through the ages.

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

Christ commands us to do that which is humanly impossible for us to do.