She only touched the hem of His garment (healing)

She only touched the hem of His garment
  As to His side she stole,
Amid the crowd that gathered around Him;
  And straightway she was whole.
  Oh, touch the hem of His garment,
  And thou, too, shalt be free!
His healing pow’r this very hour
    Shall give new life to thee!
She came in fear and trembling before Him,
  She knew her Lord had come,
She felt that from Him virtue had healed her,
  The mighty deed was done.
He turned with “Daughter, be of good comfort,
  Thy faith hath made thee whole”;
And peace that passeth all understanding
  With gladness filled her soul.
Ty Deks

Ipaja, Lagos, Nigeria

I'm always blessed with this song

Francis C

Church In New York City, United States

So sorry for you loss Simon. We will keep you and your loved ones in our prayers

Simon Stephens

Stafford, Staffordshire, United Kingdom

My mum died on Sunday. This hymn is so special to me because when I eventually came to faith I discovered a passion for the old 'proper' hymns and she always mentioned this one. She had a tough life and by rights should have been angry with God but instead she touched the hem of his garment and served him all her days. Whatever way you are bleeding just now, reach out and touch the hem of his garment and be healed. Praise Him for Sylvia even in these dark days. God is Good.


My best hymn of all time

Sister Janice Certain

Lacombe, LA, United States

I'm healed, the mighty deed was done. Faith hath made thee whole, yes, Hallelujah!!!

John Wesley Taylor

Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia

A wonderful old hymn that will never die.

Claudia Rowe

Kingston, Jamaica

My my I love this hymn from way back.


Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Just like the light heals the darkest night so the songs here healed my down cast and humiliation in the hands of my boss. My pride is restored through Christ Jesus. Definitely, I will recommend this site to friends. Thanks and God Bless you.

John Adolphus Hodge

Nottingham, United Kingdom

I am tremendrously blessed by your site. I will place you on my prayer list. Keep up the good works, I believe multitude too are blessed and may God continue to use this music and hymn ministry to bring untold (souls) into the Kingdom of God! Thank you and God continue to shower you Blessings you've never dream of.

Paula Caracristi

Walnut Creek, CA, United States

This is so delightful! Wouldn't it be wonderful if those of us who are learning or have learned it could sing it together! In any case the love of this song unites us in the love of infinite Love itself!