Light after darkness

Light after darkness,
  Gain after loss,
Strength after weakness
  Crown after cross;
Sweet after bitter,
  Hope after fears,
Home after wand’ring,
  Praise after tears.
Sheaves after sowing,
  Sun after rain,
Sight after mystery,
  Peace after pain;
Joy after sorrow,
  Calm after blast,
Rest after weariness,
  Sweet rest at last.
Near after distant,
  Gleam after gloom,
Love after loneliness,
  Life after tomb;
After long agony,
  Rapture of bliss,
Right was the pathway,
  Leading to this.

I love this lady…been to visit her grave in Astly, Worcestershire. Have a treasured copy of he poems. In these dark days what a comfort these words are.

Rosetta Thompson

Jackson, MI, United States

Thank you, this is such a meaningful and timely song.

Dee Martel

Hamilton, MT, United States

Thank you for sharing this.... I agree... the last line says it so well. A wonderful hope we have as Christians... His mercy

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, U.S.A.

A sister read this hymn at Matt Coleman's funeral. It was beautiful. I especially like the last line "Right was the pathway leading to this." #727 in Recovery Hymnal