The Lord knows all that frustrates you

The Lord knows all that frustrates you!
He knows your every weakness, too.
The secrets you could never tell!
The Lord’s word says: I know it well.
He knows how hard the trials you face,
He knows how much you need His grace,
He foreknew all that happens here,
He is your Lord, why doubt or fear.
Though many ridicule, oppose,
Friends, fam’ly leave, misunderstand;
All things about you, Jesus knows;
So be at peace; it’s in His hand.
Trust all your burdens to the Lord,
Pour out to Him your sighing, too;
His heart of love your sorrow knows,
He’ll grant His grace, He’ll see you through.
If but He knows, my heart’s assuaged;
If but He knows, My joy’s restored.
If but He knows, He’ll surely save.
If but He knows, What need I more?
Paullah L.


Wow. Amen. Thank the Lord, He knows!




Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

It's comforting that the Lord knows how hard the trials we face.

We worship and thank You Lord for Your sustaining grace.

In Your presence Lord there's no doubt or fear.

Lea Alindada

Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines

How the Lord knows our very soul! We but trust our all and all in Him. Amen!