Through all the changing scenes of life

Through all the changing scenes of life,
  In trouble and in joy,
The praises of my God shall still
  My heart and tongue employ.
Oh, magnify the Lord with me,
  With me exalt His name;
When in distress to Him I called,
  He to my rescue came.
The hosts of God encamp around
  The dwellings of the just;
Deliverance He affords to all
  Who on His succor trust.
Oh, make but trial of His love,
  Experience will decide
How blest they are, and only they,
  Who in His truth confide.
Fear Him, ye saints, and you will then
  Have nothing else to fear;
Make you His service your delight,
  Your wants shall be His care.

Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom

This was a song I loved and cherished so much years back when I was a Methodist. Unfortunately I forgot this song because it's uncommon to hear it in Pentecostal churches where I am now. I received bad text mesage this morning and while narrating and expressing my pain to a friend, the song quickly dropped into my spirit. I began singing it on the phone and cut the conversation. After searching and going through all the verses of the song, I was relieved and comforted. I've now typed all the verses unto my iPad and will carry it with me.


Lagos, Nigeria

Love this song so much. It reassures me of God being there for me always.

Patrick Afenyi -mensah

Bibiani, Bibiani W/R, Ghana

Am always filled with peace and joy whenever I sing irrespective listen to this song. I was healed through this song when I had a broken heart. this is one of the most finest song I ve come across.

Frederick Eijgendaal

San Francisco, California, United States

As a young Ghanaian traveler and a Methodist, my mom made me understood these words of Charles Wesley's hymn. Mom explained that it a song I can sing at all times and the presence of the Lord will never depart from me.

Tears fill my eyes anytime I sing this hymn (whether Happy or Sad) and they flow in abundance on hitting the second Stanza:

Oh, magnify the Lord with me,

With me exalt His name;

When in distress to Him I called,

He to my rescue came.

I love the hymn.


Bx, NY, United States

The words in this song is very uplifting help to restore hope and comfort to a broken heart. The Lord is always available.

Oral Jordan

Bridgetown, Barbados

A brilliant hymn of praise, God's love and security, and the truth that life - like God - is wonderfully dynamic!

Sally Amon-Kotey

Brampton, ON, Canada

I attended a presbytarian secondary school in Ghana. This hymn was my favourite then.


Accra, Ghana

This is my very best of best hymns. It talks to me in a special way and always lifts me up when I am down.


New York, United States very best hymn. Love it to the fullest.


Irvington, United States

This hymn is very inspirational It has so much meaning. It just moves me when I hear it. God is such a great God.