You Love Them

They brought such joy to my heart.
And then they tore it apart.
So broken and beyond repair.
Maybe they never really cared.
But You love them.
You love them.
They caused me suff’ring and pain,
And I was never the same.
So full of trust, yet so betrayed,
And then they simply walked away.
But You love them.
You love them.
I can’t go on if I’m abiding in this hatred.
How can I live if I’m in death?
O Lord, infuse me with Your love to forgive them
And pass from death to life.
They wanted You crucified.
They cursed You, left You to die.
You bled to save Your enemies.
Among those sinners, one was me.
But You love us.
You love us.
You love us.
Brent Snyder

Tacoma, Washington, United States

The song turns my heart to touch his forgiving grace. What a tender heart our Lord has.