O child of the Kingdom in doubt and distress

O child of the Kingdom in doubt and distress!
Why linger—thy Father is waiting to bless?
Assured of the mercy and love of thy Lord,
Claim each precious promise, take God at His Word!
  Take God at His Word,
Take God at His Word!
Believe every promise,
    Take God at His Word!
Thy pathway through sorrows and trials may go,
Though deep be the waters, they will not o’erflow;
Oh, trust in the Savior, His name be adored!
Confide in His promise, take God at His Word!
He says He will guide thee through sunshine and gloom;
His presence shall brighten thy path to the throne;
And down in death’s valley His voice shall be heard:
Fear not, tempted Christian, take God at His Word!
An heir to a kingdom, and promised a crown;
With God thy protector—oh, why be cast down?
Oh, think of the triumphs of faith thou hast heard;
Be not unbelieving, take God at His Word!
Sunny Olatunji


Hallelujah... AMEN

Jordan Dilg

United States

I like the tune because it doesn’t excite you. To take God at His is simple.


New Zealand

Amen to the previous comment, Take GOD at His WORD and to the writer of this beautiful hymn. To God be all the Glory and Honor for His Amazing LOVE upon us all. May His blessings be upon all of us His children. Yes, we are His children. Romans 8: 16, 17 and heirs of God... if we trust in Him and except Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour. He is our Salvation. His GRACE through his Precious Blood we are forgiven.

Sarah Anne

Ochtrup, Munster, Germany

Why do we always complicate things? all our Father wants is that we trust Him and take Him at His word! I have found God's promises are true, what he Promised in the beginning of His Creation, is still true today. TAKE GOD AT HIS WORD! especially in the time we are living in.

Verse 4 says it in a nutshell, we are heirs to a Kingdom, we are promised a crown, wow!

We have God as our Protector, why should we be cast down,

We really should just believe and take God at His Word. thank you, Hymnalnet. God Bless, Bless each and everyone for this wonderful link.