I’ve seen the lightning flashing

I’ve seen the lightning flashing,
  And heard the thunder roll;
I’ve felt sin’s breakers dashing,
  Trying to conquer my soul;
I’ve heard the voice of Jesus,
  Telling me still to fight on;
He promised never to leave me,
  Never to leave me alone.
  No, never alone,
  No, never alone,
He promised never to leave me,
  Never to leave me alone;
No, never alone,
  No, never alone,
He promised never to leave me,
    Never to leave me alone.
The world’s fierce winds are blowing,
  Temptations are sharp and keen;
I feel a peace in knowing
  My Savior stands between;
He stands to shield me from danger,
  When earthly friends are gone,
He promised never to leave me,
  Never to leave me alone.
When in affliction’s valley,
  I’m treading the road of care,
My Savior helps me to carry
  My cross when heavy to bear;
My feet entangled with briars,
  Ready to cast me down;
My Savior whispered His promise,
  Never to leave me alone.
He died for me on the mountain,
  For me they pierced His side,
For me He opened that fountain,
  The crimson, cleansing tide;
For me He waiteth in glory,
  Seated upon His throne;
He promised never to leave me,
  Never to leave me alone.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I woke up this morning with the remembrance that I was singing this song in my dream. I believe God was telling me that whatever circumstance I might be passing through He will never leave me alone. Thank You Jesus!

Dr Cynthia Sneed

Whorton's Bend, Alabama, United States

Such a lovely old hymn. I believe we should synergize the old hymns with the newer "Praise and Worship Songs" today.

These old hymns have an important message and many were written in times of incredible hardship.

I am just sick over the USA's lack of will and refusal to stop these terrorists but my country, the one that at one time until about 8 years ago I would have gladly laid down my life to defend and protect, has lost her way taking the people with her.

One does not "lead from behind" nor do we "love terrorists in order to rid ourselves of terrorism." The country I grew up in had won WWII with Britain and our other allies; she was the most God-fearing nation on earth and had a love for people all over the globe, welcoming those who came here properly with proper documentation.

The president has knowingly and willingly adopted policies to divide and destroy America and he, with the help of low-information to no-information voters has succeeded.

The leftists socialists have taken over the schools and the medias. The schools no longer teach "value based education" (no God, no golden rule no right from wrong bc who is to say what is right? Remember the media and the president tell us: one man's terrorists is another man's freedom fighter" except true freedom fighters do not target and murder women and children and citizens.

Those are cowards.

I pray for the world: join with me in prayer for peace and victory over those who have declared Holy War against us bc one they have we are in a Holy War like it or not.

We can only win or lose and right now we are losing.



Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, United States

This song really brings me comfort and peace.

Anita D. Souza

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Wonderful hymns. It comforts and makes the soul peaceful. Looking out to listen with words now only with tune. God, You know our needs. Bless each one of us. Show us Your way.


Manassas Park, VA, United States

I'm one of ten children, and at the present moment I'm traveling the country with a family from our church. This is the first time I've ever been away from my family for a long period of time, and I cry every morning and night. But singing this song helped bunches!


Nairobi, Kenya

This song gives me peace of mind and assurance that I have a great Friend who keeps His word.

mbonigaba Alexis

Nairobi, Kenya

This song gives me a peace of mind and assurance that I have a great friend who keeps his word.

Juliet James

Scarborough, Trinidad And Tobago

This is one of my favourite hymns. It gives so much comfort, assurance and encouragement. God is faithful and true and whenever I sing or hear this hymn, the truth of those words are reinforced.

Patricia Murray

Berkeley, CA, United States

Thank you. This song means so much to me. It was the first song I heard when I was on the plane coming back from my dad's funeral. I was alone.


Jakarta, Indonesia

Thank you so much... GBU :D