Does Anyone Care?

I was going down
From Jerusalem to Jericho,
Towards that cursed town,
Exchanging peace for pain and sorrow.
  Then the robbers came
Stripped me and beat me, left me half dead.
Stuck here, bruised and lame
Will this wretched road be my deathbed?
  Can somebody help me?
I’m hurting! I’m dying! Does anyone care?
I have an urgent need!
But sadly it seems that no one is aware.
Wait, a priest I see!
Descending like me. My case he’ll claim!
He passes by me,
Then comes a Levite and does the same.
  I thought they would help me!
They seemed to serve God and to honor His name.
Religion is empty!
It cannot heal me. All my wounds still remain.
A Samaritan
Comes upon me and observes my plight.
Moved with compassion
He treats my wounds, binding them just right.
  Lord Jesus You found me!
You poured oil and wine on my wounds, them to heal!
You put me on Your beast!
At last! Here is kindness and tenderness real.
Now I’m in the inn,
The church, with all those under Your care.
And now I begin
To find some others still in despair.
  Lord, bring in more wounded!
Those without the Spirit and the life divine.
That they could be added,
And at Your return, the same care You would find.
Antipas Vadje

Pepease/abetifi, Eastern Region, Ghana

A wonderful song. Many at times, religion has interpreted the story of the Good Samaritan to be like do good to your brothers in times of need. BUT we need to see that this is beyond good and bad. This is a matter of the divine life. Hallelujah! We were wounded and our Saviour brought us into the inn (Church). He has and is still caring for our wounds. At last, we are or will be healed. Here is kindness and tenderness real. Lord cause many to come into the inn. Keep us under your care!!! Praise the Lord!!!!


Gainesville, Florida, United States

I really appreciate this song because it shows us that they only way to get to the the Church, our refuge, our safe haven, our real home, is through Christ alone. Religion cannot offer us what we need to satisfy the eternity in our hearts (Ecclesiastes 3:11), but rather only God, the truly eternal one, can be this satisfaction to us. Praise the Lord, He brought us into the Church where our wounds are healed and where we can be with God's family!


United States

Thank you Lord Jesus!

Lucas Costa

Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil

We were dead in sins, condemned by the law. But hallelujah for our Man-Savior!

He found us!

He saved us!

He gave us His Spirit and life divine!

He brought us to the church!

He loved us, now we just need to love Him and express Him to others, so that they can experience Jesus Christ as the Man-Savior!

Sarah Anne

Ochtrup, Munster, Germany

i love this song: we act like this at times with our ; nearest and dearest: family: thanks hymnal. netGod bless