Once I thought I walked with Jesus

Once I thought I walked with Jesus,
  Yet such changeful feelings had;
Sometimes trusting, sometimes doubting,
  Sometimes joyful, sometimes sad.
  Oh, the peace the Savior gives!
  Peace I never knew before;
And my way has brighter grown
    Since I’ve learned to trust Him more.
But He call’d me closer to Him,
  Bade my doubting, fearing, cease;
And when I had fully yielded,
  Filled my soul with perfect peace.
Now I’m trusting every moment,
  Nothing less can be enough;
And the Savior bears me gently
  O’er those places once so rough.
Day by day my soul He’s keeping
  By His wondrous power within;
And my heart is full of singing
  To my Savior from all sin.
Pastor Dave

Brossard, Quebec, Canada

I remember singing this years ago in The Salvation Army, but when I looked in all my current hymnals couldn't find it.

Our Mohawk Congregation in Kahnawake will be using this on Sunday.

Thanks... especially for the guitar chords...


Here you go Cathie, a very sweet old recording of this song on You Tube.



Nairobi, Kenya

Is there any choir which as has this song. I want to get the tune.