Jesus hath died and hath risen again

Jesus hath died and hath risen again,
  Pardon and peace to bestow;
Fully I trust Him; from sin’s guilty stain,
  Jesus saves me now.
  Jesus saves me now,
  Jesus saves me now;
Yes, Jesus saves me all the time;
  Jesus saves me now.
Sin’s condemnation is over and gone,
  Jesus alone knoweth how;
Life and salvation my soul hath put on:
  Jesus saves me now.
Satan may tempt, but he never shall reign,
  That Christ will never allow;
Doubts I have buried, and this is my strain,
  Jesus saves me now.
Resting in Jesus, abiding in Him,
  Gladly my faith can avow,
Never again need my pathway be dim:
  Jesus saves me now.
Jesus is stronger than Satan and sin,
  Satan to Jesus must bow;
Therefore I triumph without and within:
  Jesus saves me now.
Sorrow and pain may beset me about,
  Nothing can darken my brow;
Battling in faith, I can joyfully shout:
  “Jesus saves me now.”

Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom

Yes, Jesus saves me all the time!

What a blessing, what a mercy, what a relief.

Thank You Jesus.

Valerie Heard

Gravesend, Kent, United Kingdom

I had been searching for this hymn at a time of need, only able to remember verse 5 and the chorus. A friend sent this link this morning - it's beautiful! The link enabled me to sing the whole song through to the background accompaniment, in praise to God. I shall pass it on.


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

A real blessing. “- lay hold on eternal life - “. 1 Tim 6:12


Nairobi, Kisii, Kenya

Wauuuu! I Am blessed! What a wonderful melody and lyrics!

Listening again and again and........


Philadelphia, PA, United States

Yes Jesus saves me, all the time.


Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Jesus saves me NOW!

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

More complete name of the author of this hymn is Arthur Cleveland Downer. He wrote "THE PRINCIPLE OF INTERPRETATION OF THE EPISTLE TO THE HEBREWS", "The Mission and Ministration of the Holy Spirit", "A century of evangelical religion in Oxford" and "Thomas Scott the commentator: A memoir of his life" from around 1901-1910. He was Reverend of Christ Church, Harrow Road in the Diocese of London of the Church of England, and was active in missionary work for Africa and the East. -, Proceedings of the Church Missionary Society for Africa and the East, Amazon