Jesus only is our message

Jesus only is our message,
Jesus all our theme shall be;
We will lift up Jesus ever,
Jesus only will we see.
  Jesus only, Jesus ever,
Jesus all in all we sing,
Savior, Sanctifier, and Healer,
  Glorious Lord and coming King.
Jesus only is our Savior,
All our guilt He bore away,
He, our righteousness forever,
All our strength from day to day.
Jesus is our Sanctifier,
Saving us from self and sin,
And with all His Spirit’s fulness,
Filling all our hearts within.
Jesus only is our Healer,
All our sicknesses He bare,
And His risen life and fulness,
All His members still may share.
Jesus only is our Power,
He the gift of Pentecost;
Jesus, breathe Thy pow’r upon us,
Fill us with the Holy Ghost.
And for Jesus we are waiting,
List’ning for the Advent Call;
But ’twill still be Jesus only,
Jesus ever, all in all.

Oxford, Oxfordshire

This is Deeper Life first song - in every Retreat. I am just preparing to play it before I came across this. It's unbeatable. Jesus only, Jesus all, Jesus ever. Jesus is and will be the centre of attraction when saints gather from every shore...


Benin, Edo, Nigeria

Indeed Jesus is everything I need!

Odogiyun Adedoyin Segun

Abeokuta, Ogun, Nigeria

Jesus only is all we need. I pray that God will give all of us the grace to always be "looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith" in Jesus' name.

Simon Awodeyi

Mo, United States

I love this hymn and always remind me of whom Jesus. It also remind me programs at ayobo.

Lekan Oloyede

Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom

It gives me joy and great hope when I realised how blessed I am to know that JESUS ONLY is all I need. Thanks to my pastor and father in the Lord who has over the years place emphasis on the evergreen message. Indeed JESUS ONLY is our message, and JESUS EVER we will seek!

Ebenezer Ogunyinka

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States

Unfortunately, the church has departed from this main message: Jesus Only. May our leaders in Christ return to Him so that they can lead us right in Jesus name. Thank God for the writer of this hymn. May his/her descendants in blood and in spirit be blessed for ever. Amen.

Amos Ubini


This song lifts my soul whenever the choir renders it.

Marco Basagan Monggo

Dasmarnas City, Cavite, Philippines

I believed all day long, and all of my life that Jesus only, my Savior, Sanctifier, Healer and King. Today I live in faith with Jesus and tomorrow I will die gaining His promise.

Tosin 'Badeniyi

Durban, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

I like the hymn. We used to sing quite often at Deeper Life Church Nigeria. It is like an anthem there. Jesus is our everything. We must always look unto Him. He is the Author and Finisher of our faith. It is very possible to shift focus from Him and turn to methods, men etc. But we must never forget that He died and paid the full price for whatever we may need. We love You Jesus, our Saviour, Our Sanctifier, Our Healer and Coming King.

Fe Benito

Pasay, Philippines

ONLY JESUS, Amen. Only if we keep our focus and attention to the things that would glorify God and deny ourselves then our mission to reach out the nations will be fast accomplished. “Let us exalt His name together”

The Christian and Missionary Alliance was established in 1887 by Brother A. B. Simpson. It was an alliance of Christian missionaries that sent out its members to preach the gospel. Brother Simpson was knowledgeable concerning spiritual matters. He wrote hymns such as "I am crucified with Christ, / And the cross hath set me free" (Hymns, #482), "Jesus only, Jesus ever" (Hymns, #511), and "O Lord, breathe Thy Spirit on me, / Teach me how to breathe Thee in" (Hymns, #255). His hymns are deep, and they contain spiritual experiences and spiritual values. His co-workers also had some spiritual weight, one of whom was the missionary John Woodbury, who along with his younger sister established Shou Chen Chapel in Shanghai.