Father, Thy Son beloved leads our praise

Father, Thy Son beloved leads our praise
After the banquet feast is had and done;
How dear, how sweet to Thee the praise He leads,
And in His praises joining we are one.
Father, we need no goodness more than Thee,
Nor do we seek a love that’s less than Thine;
How we adore Thee now that here we know
Thy searchless, uncreated life divine.
Father, within Thy love our love to Thee
Grows, far transcending all our earthly ties;
Thine own dear love in power leads our hearts
Where Thine own presence deeply satisfies.
Father, by joining with Thy Son beloved,
We all with gladness praise Thee now again;
Joyfully feasting on Thy holy love,
Tasting, as sons, the sweetness of Thy name.
Sister Tang

Abba Father, Your name is so sweet!

Francis Y Chow

Anaheim, California, United States

We love You Abba Father!


Basildon, United Kingdom


Eileen C Gust

Howard City, MI, United States



Bellevue, WA, United States

Lord, how we adore You.

Glory Jung

Anaheim, CA, United States

Father, gain more true workshippers.


Beijing, China

Abba Father, Thine name tastes so sweet! Thine own presence satisfies all my needs!

Francis Y Chow

Diamond Bar, California, United States

Praise You Abba Father.

IrisCrystal Seok

South Korea

Another well-known lyric by George Croly (1780~1860) on the same tune of this hymn, which I love too:

"Spirit of God,

Descend upon my heart;

Wean it from earth

Through all its pulses move;

Stoop to my weakness,

Mighty as Thou art,

And make me love Thee

As I ought to love."

Isaiah Tor

Sydney, NSW, Australia

This hymn has a very sweet and intimate tone in describing our relationship with our Father God. Its pinnacle lies not in an objective appreciation of the Father's greatness, but rather particularly in verses 2-3, we perceive the intimate union of life between the Father and ourselves, His sons. And we see also, so emphatically that it is in enjoying the Father's life and tasting the nature of His person, His love (abiding in Him) that we truly know Him in unparalleled depths and untraceable heights. This is not objective religion, but rather portraying the sentiment and experience of being "in God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ"(1 Thes. 1:1).

The last group of hymns in our hymnal under the category of "Worship of the Father" is titled "His Praise from Many Sons." This group of hymns is the highest. Many Christians do not understand what "His praise from many sons" means. It refers to the praise offered by the Lord Jesus together with His brothers. Hymns, #50 is in this group and contains deep truth concerning God's economy. It is a hymn of praise to the Father from many sons. This is related to God's economical aspect.