Lord, Thou hast shown the mystery

Lord, Thou hast shown the mystery,
How on the Cross I died with Thee;
I need no other pow’r or way
That I may triumph day by day.
That cross of Thine is also mine,
Into my life its light doth shine;
When I believe I’m dead with Thee,
The world has lost its pow’r o’er me.
Since I am crucified with Thee,
From sin and self I am set free;
How can I still enjoy the world
Or seek its vanities unfurled?
I take my place, dear Lord, with Thee
Upon the cross of Calvary.
Thy life and power then are mine,
Since Thou and I in oneness twine.
Since Thou didst come to slay the foe,
His work and power to overthrow,
I too can overcome in Thee
And prove Thy mighty pow’r in me.
Yet, for the vict’ry we rely
Upon the death which Thou didst die;
We tread the path which Thou hast trod
Until we reach the goal in God.
My death with Thee I now believe
And all its meaning would receive.
Thy death more deeply show to me,
That from my flesh I may be free.
I long to win as Thou hast won,
To reign with Thee when Thou dost come.
If we the cross will gladly bear,
Then in Thy glory we will share.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.