Who is on the Lord’s side

Who is on the Lord’s side?
  Who will serve the King?
Who will be His helpers,
  Other lives to bring?
Who will leave the world’s side?
  Who will face the foe?
Who is on the Lord’s side?
  Who for Him will go?
  By Thy grand redemption,
  By Thy grace divine,
We are on the Lord’s side;
    Savior, we are Thine.
Not for weight of glory,
  Not for crown and palm,
Enter we the army,
  Raise the warrior psalm;
But for love that claimeth
  Lives for whom He died;
He whom Jesus nameth
  Must be on His side.
Jesus, Thou hast bought us,
  Not with gold or gem,
But with Thine own life-blood,
  For Thy diadem;
With Thy blessing filling
  Each who comes to Thee,
Thou hast made us willing,
  Thou hast made us free.
Fierce may be the conflict,
  Strong may be the foe,
But the King’s own army
  None can overthrow.
Round His standard ranging
  Victory is secure,
For His truth unchanging
  Makes the triumph sure.
Chosen to be soldiers
  In an alien land:
Chosen, called, and faithful,
  For our Captain’s band;
In the service royal
  Let us not grow cold;
Let us be right loyal,
  Noble, true, and bold.

Plano, TX, United States

Well, the elections are over. Whether your candidate won or not, I believe this election was a unique call for all Christians to make a choice about their stand for God and His divine plan for this country's future. Our hope is not in who won but Who is, Who was and Who will forever be. Jesus Christ is our hope and our eternal joy.


Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand

"He who Jesus nameth, must be on His side"

2 Timothy 2:19 says "Let everyone who names the name of the Lord depart from unrighteousness". 1 Kings 18:21 says "How long will you go hopping between two opinions? If Jehovah is God, follow Him; but if Baal is, follow him."

This hymn is a call to those who name the Lord's name that they would consecrate themselves to follow the Lord Jesus. It is a call to cut the compromise of worldly ties, and to take our stand as ones belonging to Christ, fighting for Christ. And it is in the Lord's loving redemption and by His grace that we may find our motivation and strength to take this stand.

Praise the Lord! Lord, we love You, because You first loved us, and purchased us at the cost of Your own life. Make us ever, only, all for You Lord Jesus!

Roy D. Matheson, II

Fresno, CA, United States

I like this song because--(as I recall) my parents liked it--I think I "fell in love" with this hymn as a young boy, perhaps around age 7.

"Let us be right loyal

Noble, true, and bold."

Len Colp


....The message is true and its tone is one of worship and rallying troops to our duty for our Lord as Christians.