Under an eastern sky

Under an eastern sky,
Amid a rabble’s cry,
A Man went forth to die,
  For me! for me!
Thorn-crowned His blessed head,
Blood-stained His every tread;
Cross-laden He was led,
  For me! for me!
Pierced His hands and feet,
Three hours o’er Him beat
Fierce rays of noon-tide heat,
  For me! for me!
Thus wert Thou made all mine;
Lord, make me wholly Thine;
Grant grace and strength divine
  To me! to me!
In thought and word and deed,
Thy will to do, O lead
My soul, e’en though it bleed,
  To Thee, to Thee.

Lyndhurst, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Oh what words. The Lovely Man upon a cross of shame for me.

Steve Miller

Detroit, Michigan, United States

Norman (8/13/2012), thanks for composing verse 3b. I agree that the hymn seems to need another verse between 3 & 4 because verse 3 only mentions Jesus on the cross for 3 hrs under the sun, but He was on the cross another 3 hours in the dark.

I called this hymn at our Lord's Table meeting this morning to remember the Lord's death, and we sung it 3 times.

Bob Boyd

Alameda, CA, United States

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June Bell

York, North Yorkshire

This hymn means so much to me. My late Mum would sing this as a solo at her choir concerts and when she was too frail the choir's conductor would not allow anyone else sing 'For Me'. Her rendition used to move people to tears.



Just one verse lacking...Maybe the author had it but it got lost...I don't know. It seems to need one between verses 3 and 4...

Dark night enclosed Thee there,

As my sin Thou did'st bear.

That I Thy Joy might share.

E'en me, dear Lord, e'en me.


Bridgetown, Barbados

A great soul-stirring hymn, rich with spiritual inspiration! Great to hear it again after all these years!