Living for Jesus a life that is true

Living for Jesus a life that is true,
Striving to please Him in all that I do;
Yielding allegiance, glad-hearted and free,
This is the pathway of blessing for me.
  O Jesus, Lord and Savior,
I give myself to Thee,
For Thou, in Thy [redemption],*
Didst give Thyself for me;
I own no other Master,
My heart shall be Thy throne,
My life I give, henceforth to live,
O Christ, for Thee alone.
Living for Jesus who died in my place,
Bearing on Calv’ry my sin and disgrace;
Such love constrains me to answer His call,
Follow His leading and give Him my all.
Living for Jesus wherever I am,
Doing each duty in His holy name;
Willing to suffer affliction and loss,
Deeming each trial a part of my cross.
Living for Jesus through earth’s little while,
My dearest treasure, the light of His smile;
Seeking the lost ones He died to redeem,
Bringing the weary to find rest in Him.
The Compilers prefer that
the New Testament word, “redemption,”
be used and sung instead of “atonement.”
Yvonne Thompson

Modesto, CA, United States

Today I was reading 2 Corinthians 5:15, "And He died for all, that those who live might no longer live for themselves but for Him who for their sake died and was raised." I thought of this wonderful hymn. Perfect.

Janey Longworth

Clarksville, TN, United States

💕 thank you for this website 🙏. I am sitting enjoying the Word of Life this morning and all of the sudden I started singing this chorus. Haven't heard it in years.. So I googled it and found it on your website.

I did use atonement as was how I learned it and actually think it more accurate.. I am still thankful for you and your work!! I was able to sing and praise the Lord!! What a great song!

Happy Thanksgiving!! I am thankful for my Jesus Lord And Savior ... praise His Holy Name!

Mary Ellen Lanoue

Midlothian, Texas, United States

The Lord woke me up with this song in the night. I am living for Him alone. Paul said I'd rather be with you Jesus in heaven but if it's better for me to be on earth for you. That's ok.

I'm 84, still hold 2 small Bible studies a week and pray for about everyone I meet. He truly is my everything. 🤗💖


Leetonia, Ohio, United States

The Holy Spirit brought this to my mind upon awakening - the first verse and chorus. How thankful I am that I could look it up! The remaining verses are a blessing! Thank You, Lord, for the songs you give me to sing in the morning, a perfect example of Your love and faithfulness - 86 years and counting!

Cielito Sio

Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines

After the Lord Jesus changed water into wine, signifying that in our regeneration, He changed our death into life, He cleansed the temple using whip of cords, driving out all the merchandise and moneychangers.

Life is for building God's house, God's temple, but Satan attempts to defile the temple with many sinful things. This is the reason that the house of God needs cleansing.

We are the temple of God, yet we are not filled with God. We are filled with many earthly things. The Lord uses whips of cords (ordinary, common things) to scourge us and purge us of these things.

--- from Life's Purpose: to Build the House of God.

May we live a life that is simple and true, that God may have His house in us! Thank You, Lord Jesus.

Maya Leisure

Lubbock, United States

Living for Jesus wherever I am, Doing each duty in His holy name; Willing to suffer affliction and loss, Deeming each trial a part of my cross. What a sweet example of what our daily living should be

Nancy Gardner

Edison, NJ, United States

Love this hymn. Learned it as a Youth. I realize over the years lyrics can get lost, forgotten or replaced. I remember learning the CHORUS like this: For THOU in Thine "Atonement" didst give Thyself for me. Beautiful Hymn. Also warms and encourages my heart. Giving me a greater perspective ofJESUS.

Phebe Hii

Papar, Malaysia

Such love constrains me to answer His call,

Follow His leading and give Him my all.

Willing to suffer affliction and loss,

O Jesus, my heart shall be Thy throne,

My dearest treasure is Your smiling face!

Allen In Christ


Count the cost, pay the price, live a life of no regrets - D. L

“Ac 20:24 But I consider my life of no account as if precious to myself, in order that I may finish my bcourse and the cministry which I have received from the Lord Jesus to solemnly dtestify of the gospel of the Grace of God. ”

“Pp 2:25 But I considered it necessary to send to you Epaphroditus, my brother and fellow worker and cfellow soldier, and your apostle and minister to my need, ”

P 2:30 Because for the work of Christ he drew near unto death, risking his life, that he might fill up your lack of 3service toward me. ”

Footnote on risking - “Pp 2:301a risking  -   Acts 20:24 Venturing, recklessly exposing his life, like a gambler throwing down a stake”

1 Tim 4:8 I have fought the good fight; I have finished the course; I have kept the faith.

8 Henceforth there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, with which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will recompense me in that day, and not only me but also all those who have loved His appearing.

Lord make us such men! Lord! No compromise! Lord no regrets. We give our all to you.

Jim Boss

Chicago, IL, United States

Puzzling why the "compilers" fear the meaning of atonement. Certainly has a richer meaning of what Christ did on the cross for us.

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