Thy mighty love, O God, constraineth me

Thy mighty love, O God, constraineth me,
As some strong tide it presseth on its way,
Seeking a channel in my self-bound soul,
Yearning to sweep all barriers away.
Shall I not yield to that constraining power?
Shall I not say, O tide of love, flow in?
My God, Thy gentleness hath conquered me,
Life cannot be as it hath hither been.
Break through my nature, mighty, heavenly love,
Clear every avenue of thought and brain,
Flood my affections, purify my will,
Let nothing but Thine own pure life remain.
Thus wholly mastered and possessed by God,
Forth from my life, spontaneous and free,
Shall flow a stream of tenderness and grace,
Loving, because God loved, eternally.
James Smith

Mansfield, Ohio, United States

Thy mighty love of God constrains me. Isn’t this our experience? When we would go our own selfish way, he restricts us. Where would we be with out this love? Shall I not yield to this holding power. To yield is my choice. Break through my nature. This is a powerful prayer. Break through, let nothing but your pure life remain. Only the Lords love could bring us to such a thought. Finally we would be completely mastered by this love. This is the result of the Lord working in us and us yielding to His love. O Lord may I experience this love more and more.


Morino Valley, Calif., United States

What a beautiful song. Break through my nature Lord.


Dallas, Texas, United States

Lord, we love you!


CA, United States

I love this song. Never forget the Christ in you.

Gal. 4:19

Col. 1:27

Rom. 8:10

1 Cor 1:6

Acts 3:20 “appointed for YOU”

Romans 6:11 “living to God in Christ Jesus”

And many more verses. Maybe some brother can fill in the remaining ones.

Omar G, Eric X, Will W, Phillip D, Jonathan D, Becca, Carrington’S & Schultz’S

Austin, Texas, United States

Let nothing but Thine own pure life remain


Hephzibah, Georgia, United States

Lord how awesome is your presence, your tenderness and abiding love I rest in every moment of the day and night. I seek your face always in every situation and circumstance that presents itself. It’s you that respond. I’m nothing but you are everything. You are no respect of person and I’m over joyed when others recognize and receive your love. 🙏🏾💕


This hymn opened the fellowship for the saints to flow out to two separate groups of six young adults and three mature adults who are devote practitioners of Middle Eastern religions. It is neutral hymn with regard to His name, so it’s very useful as a tool to open each heart to God’s economy as revealed herein; we easily linked this hymn to the priceless little document “The Mystery of Human Life. ”

Sonya Pearce

Upper Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand

Father, because of Your life, we are mastered and possessed by You. Flow out of us like a stream. May we match You as pure stream of life.

Anitha Nokku

Tustin, CA, United States

Flood my affections, purify my will,

Let nothing but Thine own pure life remain.

Lord make our will to be willing and submissive so that you can operate in it.


Gainesville, Florida, United States

This song has a beautiful melody and lyrics. So touching.

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