Thy mighty love, O God, constraineth me

Thy mighty love, O God, constraineth me,
As some strong tide it presseth on its way,
Seeking a channel in my self-bound soul,
Yearning to sweep all barriers away.
Shall I not yield to that constraining power?
Shall I not say, O tide of love, flow in?
My God, Thy gentleness hath conquered me,
Life cannot be as it hath hither been.
Break through my nature, mighty, heavenly love,
Clear every avenue of thought and brain,
Flood my affections, purify my will,
Let nothing but Thine own pure life remain.
Thus wholly mastered and possessed by God,
Forth from my life, spontaneous and free,
Shall flow a stream of tenderness and grace,
Loving, because God loved, eternally.
Francis Y. Chow

Church In Anaheim, California, United States

Break through my nature, mighty, heavenly love

Brenda Benedetto

Crescent City, CA, United States

O Lord Jesus thank You for putting me in Your Love! Flow in and flow out!

Elizabeth and Zoe

Rohnert Park, CA, United States

My God, Thy gentleness has conquered me.

Jadan Monteverde

Burlingame, California, United States

Amen! Constrain me Lord.

Ryan Danek

Tide of love flow in.



Amen Lord Jesus we love You.

Ivy Luminhay


Amen Lord Jesus!!!

Sam Liu

Stiny Brook, NY, United States

Lord! Your love constrain me and break through my nature so that You can wholly master and possess me for Your purpose!!

Sara Z 🌻

New Jersey, NJ, United States

Break through our nature Lord! May you be all that’s left. Get through the barriers and claim us wholly!

Anu Sanchez

Birmingham, AL, United States

Oh Lord, Constrain us with Your love!