We praise Thee, O God

We praise Thee, O God,
  For the Son of Thy love,
For our Savior who died and
  Is now gone above.
  Hallelujah! Thine the glory,
  Hallelujah! Amen;
Hallelujah! Thine the glory,
    We praise Thee again.
We praise Thee, O God,
  For Thy Spirit of light,
Who has shown us our Savior,
  And scattered our night.
All glory and praise
  To Thee, Father of love,
For through Jesus’ redemption
  Thy heart we may prove.
We praise Thee again;
  We are filled with Thy love,
And each heart is rekindled
  With fire from above.
Cindy Uribarri

El Paso, Texas, United States

Forever Amen!

Ben Kayekjian

Lubbock, Texas, United States

Oh Lord we praise thee again and again! Thank You for redeeming us!

Glory Jung

Anaheim, CA, United States

Rekindle our love for You, Father!

Tamara Paulding

Irondale, Alabama, United States

I really love this song it just reminds me that the Lord give us a newness of life every morning praise him again.


United States

Would anyone know where this specific lyric come from and which phrase, "We Praise Thee, Again" or "Revive Us Again", was original? Revive Us Again seems to me to be the more publicized wording.

Joyce Byers

Portage, Indiana, United States

This song just makes me think about everything from my past. And I just think, amen Lord. What’s next? I just love You Lord. I trust that You have a purpose for me.

John Wilson

Houston, Texas, United States

Hallelujah Amen!!


Andi Wijaya

Honolulu, HI, United States

Praise our Father. For through Jesus’s redemption Thy heart we may prove.

Antipas Han

General Trias, Cavite, Philippines

We thank Thee, Father of Love. We give our renewed appreciation.

Eliza E Muniz

Victorville, CA, United States

Amen We praise Thee again, we are filled with Thy love, and each heart is rekindled with fire from above!!! Thank You Lord that our hearts are rekindled with fire from above!!!