Having a clear sky with the throne above it

Father, dear Father, we worship anew,
Borne in the rapture of Christ praising You.
Joyous, we sing, giving tribute and praise,
Honoring Your will, Your purpose, Your ways.
Drawn nigh, we come in Your Son, full of cheer,
Nothing between us but fellowship dear.
Coordinated, before You we stand,
Hidden in Christ, under grace o’er us spanned.
Are we not shielded and joined in Your Son,
Four living creatures whose wings meet as one,
Wings straight, and covering, wings paired on each side,
Pointing to Christ, worthy, pure, dignified.
Covered, connected, beneath such expanse,
In Christ we speak, this Your oracle grants.
Heaven is open! Our skies are so clear,
Stretched forth like crystal, both awesome and sheer.
Wings of an eagle, in us multiplied,
Sound like great waters, like thunderous tide.
Our voice like Yours roars in tumult and din,
Your throne above us, You ruling within!
All hail the Father Who sits on the throne!
All hail His Son on His right hand alone!
All hail the Spirit that moves with the wheel!
Fervently praise the Almighty with zeal.
Vincent Morales

Indio, California, United States

Fervently praise the Almighty with Zeal.... Amen!


Spokane, WA, United States

If you click on the letter I inside the blue circle, above the song title, you can view the info about the song. The hymn code (a string of numbers) is a link to a list of all the songs that use this tune (which is a traditional Melody that has no copyright). Just FYI. :)


United States

No it's actually, be Thou my vision...


United States

This is the EXACT tune of before the throne of God above!! Why does it have different lyrics???? 😕

K. F.

Spokane, Wa, United States

Amen, "Heaven is open! Our skies are so clear,

Stretched forth like crystal... Your throne above us, You ruling within!"

Lord, grant us all to have a Crystal clear sky with you enthroned and ruling in us!